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What is a Crosstab?
Using Displayr
How to Create a Dynamic Bullet-Point List in Displayr Using R
What are Dummy Variables?
How to Calculate Penalty Analysis in Displayr
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What are Small Multiples?
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Using Code to Automatically Update Text and Icons in Dashboards
Sankey diagram: change over time
How to Create a Sankey Diagram From a Table in Displayr
What is Logistic Regression?
How to Compute D-error for a Choice Experiment
What is D-Error?
How to Connect Filters to a Combo Box (Control)
Installing R Packages From Github
Installing R Packages from GitHub
Example of a Sankey Diagram
How to Create Sankey Diagrams From Tables (Data Frames) Using R
What is a correlation Matrix?
What is a Correlation Matrix?
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How to Create Alternative-Specific Choice Model Designs in Displayr
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How to Analyze Free-Form Text Data from Surveys
How to Guarantee* Your Kickstarter Will Succeed!
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What are the Different Types of Missing Data?
What are the Alternatives to Random Sampling?
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How to Create a Bump Chart (Ranking Plot) from a Table Using Displayr
Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis: A Simple Explanation
What is MaxDiff?
What is MaxDiff?
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What is Spurious Correlation?
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What is Heteroscedasticity?
What is the Replication Crisis?
Statistics vs Data Science: What’s the Difference?
Using ‘Small Multiples’ Visualizations for Big Success
How Many Rats Does it Take to Power a Lightbulb?
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How Random Forests Fit to Data
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What are Residuals?
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How is Splitting Decided for Decision Trees?
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What is Metadata?
What is a Decision Tree?
How is Variable Importance Calculated for a Random Forest?
Tutorial: Smartphone Marketing – What’s in a Name?
iPhone X, Galaxy S9, and Pixel 2
What’s in a Name? A Data Science Analysis of Smartphone Marketing
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Numerate Data: The Bigger, Stronger, and Faster Offspring of Tidy Data
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Will Banning Plastic Bags Actually Save the Planet?
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How to add Trend Lines in R Using Plotly
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How to Read an Excel file into R
Who is the Booziest Wine Drinking Country in the World?
Tutorial: Who is the Booziest Country in the World?
2 Ways to Smooth Time Series in Displayr
Trend lines
How to add Trend Lines to Visualizations in Displayr
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Smoothing Time Series Data
How to Aggregate Data in R
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Four Ways to Write Better Stan Code
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What is Random Sampling?
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How to Convert Text Dates in Excel
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How to Build a Brand Funnel in Displayr using R
How to read Stata DTA file into R
How to read Stata DTA files into R
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What is Functional Data Analysis?