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Our Values
Always push for awesome.

We push ourselves. We push each other. Sometimes we agree to short-term ordinariness in pursuit of long-term awesome, but we always first take the time to work out what awesome means and the plan to get there.

Our Values
Document, checklist, automate, optimize.

We are always building and improving systems. We are allergic to repetitive grunt work.

Our Values
Finish something every day.

We break our work into small, achievable tasks, focusing on finishing them one at a time.

Our Values

We respond to problems and communications with urgency. The responses are awesome: helpful, authoritative, and show empathy.

Our Values
Rational and articulate.

We prefer evidence over intuition, experience, and “best practice”. We can communicate our thinking using data and first principles.

Our Values
We only have an A Team.

Everybody makes things awesome. Everybody pitches in, from strategy through to emptying the dishwasher. One set of rules for everybody.

At Displayr, we're working to solve the biggest  problem in data science: it is just too hard to do.

We're building apps that brings data science, visualization, and reporting to everyone. Our two main products are Displayr, the world's first complete data science tool; and Q, the complete toolkit for market researchers. Our core business is a combination of advanced software engineering and data science, coupled with elegant design.

We currently have offices in Sydney, Chicago, and London.

Open positions.

Customer Success Specialist
Full-TimeLondon, UK

If you are a quantitative market researcher looking for a change in direction, this is the perfect role for you. Join some of the best and brightest in the market research and data science space in this totally unique role supporting our users.


Our vision is to live in a world where evidence, rather than guesses and assumptions, drives decision-making.