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How we Win
Add excellence.

We win by focusing on improvement. We develop people. We improve systems. We improve our product. We improve our clients.

How we Win
Excellence is the next 5 minutes.

Excellence is about what we do right now. It’s not about creating a plan to be excellent in the future. It’s not about perfectionism. It’s about making a difference right now.

How we Win
Ship something to customers every day.

We make a difference to our customers every day (“ship” is engineering speak for releasing features and bug fixes). We break our work into small, achievable tasks which we can finish each day.

How we Win
Take ownership.

When ownership is given, we take it. When ownership is not given, we take it anyway. If we fail, we proudly own that too.

How we Win
How we prioritize
Logic first, followed by data, experience, instinct, then anecdotes.

We prefer evidence over intuition, experience, and “best practice”. We know that when data and logic differ, it’s usually a sign that there’s a problem with the data. We work hard to make the best idea win, not the idea of the most experienced person.

How we Win
How we improve
Experiment, Document, Checklist, Automate, then Optimize.

Try stuff to see what works. If it works, document so that others can do it. Make the success easier to replicate by creating a checklist. Improve efficiency by automating. Then, lastly, optimize.

How we Win
Minimize interruptions while being an open book.

We minimize the number of meetings. We don’t CC people on stuff they don’t need to read. There are minimal broadcasts of generic information. But, the flipside is that only information we hide is information that we are legally obliged to hide. If you want to know something, it’s pretty easy to find it out.

At Displayr, we're working to solve the biggest problem in data science: it is just too hard to do.

We're building apps that brings data science, visualization, and reporting to everyone. Our two main products are Displayr, the world's first complete data science tool; and Q, the complete toolkit for market researchers. Our core business is a combination of advanced software engineering and data science, coupled with elegant design.

We currently have offices in Sydney, Chicago, and London.

Open positions.

VP of Engineering
Full-TimeSydney, Australia

We are looking for a VP of Engineering to join our team at Displayr, where you will be instrumental in the growth of the company.


Our vision is to live in a world where evidence, rather than guesses and assumptions, drives decision-making.