Custom sankey diagrams Creating Custom Sankey Diagrams Using R
29 March 2017 | by Tim Bock

I have previously shown how Sankey diagrams can easily be used to visualize response patterns in surveys and to display decision trees. Following on from these posts, I will now be getting a bit more technical,…

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Term document matrix Text Analysis: Hooking up Your Term Document Matrix to Custom R Code
27 February 2017 | by Chris Facer

  I have previously written about some of the text analysis options that are available in Displayr: sentiment analysis, text cleaning, and the predictive tree.  As text analysis is a growing field, you likely want to…

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Interactive visualization in R How to Add an Interactive R Visualization to a Blog in Under 30 Seconds
21 February 2017 | by Tim Bock

Check out the interactive R visualization below. Click on one of the circles with lots of lines connected to it and drag it around. I find this quite enjoyable. Does it mean anything? I do…

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