Our new Link feature enables you to quickly create links in your dashboard to ease with navigation and to link to outside content.


A simple dashboard highlighting these features can be found below and more information can be found on our wiki here.

How to insert a link

You can create links on top of many objects in Displayr such as text, tables, charts, etc. But objects that are already interactive with user clicks, such as Visualizations, cannot be used. As an example, I will create a link on top of the Coca-cola logo to go to the Coca-cola website.

  1. Select the object on your page
  2. Go to Insert > Links > Link > Webpage
  3. For the Address paste in https://www.coca-cola.com/ and check the box for Open this link in a new tab. Click OK.
  4. Go to Export > Web Page to publish your document into a dashboard to try out your new link

You can also create links to particular pages in your dashboard, previous and next pages, and backwards and forwards in your browser history. Check out our wiki page for more information.

Using Links instead of the Navigation Bar

Displayr automatically creates a list of the pages on the left to allow users to navigate through documents. You can customize these via CSS to make them prettier. However, often the prettiest dashboards are created by instead using links.

There are two steps in using links to create navigation. The first is to create hyperlinks between pages, using the techniques described above. Then, when publishing the dashboard, click Export > Web Page > Advanced Options > Hide navigation pane, which removes the navigation pane from the left.