The Documents page contains a list of all the documents in your account. It's where you can manage the documents. Users without administrator access will only be able to see documents that they have permission to access.

To access the Documents page, login into your Displayr account, click the user icon in the top right corner of your browser window, and then select Documents. When working on a document, you can get back to the Documents page by clicking the Documents button in the top left corner.

To create a new blank document select + New Document and to create a new Folder select + New Folder.  If you have a professional license, you can also access the Upload button. It's also possible to create a new document by uploading a document saved as a QPack. To do that go to the Documents page > Upload > QPack to create a new document from your QPack. Additionally, you can also select Office/PDF to upload a Microsoft Office or a PDF document.

To Edit a document you can either click on the name of a document in the list or hover your mouse to the right of any document and click the Edit option that appears on the screen. Similarly, you can hover over a document and click the View button to open the document in View Mode.

Additional options when hovering over a folder or document are available when clicking on the box with 3 dots. For folders, this will reveal the following folder options:

  • Rename - rename the folder.
  • Delete - delete the folder and all documents contained in the folder. Deleted folders can be restored for 30 days.
  • Move - allows you to move a folder into another folder. A separate window appears that allows you to select which Folder to move the selected folder it to.
  • New Folder - creates a new folder within the selected folder.
  • New Document - creates a new blank document within the selected folder.
  • Upload QPack - brings up the upload dialogue box which allows you to select a QPack file to upload to the selected folder. This is only available to users with Professional licenses.
  • Upload Office/PDF - uploads an Microsoft Office/PDF document to the selected folder.

When you hover over a document and click on the box with 3 dots, the following document options appear:

  • Rename - rename the document.
  • Duplicate - create a copy of the document.
  • Delete - select this option to delete the document from your account.
  • Move - allows you to move a document into a folder. Another window opens that allows you to select which Folder to move the document to.
  • Settings - this option allows you to specify settings for an individual document (see Document Settings below for more details).

Document Settings

The following settings are available for each individual document:

  • Properties - this section contains the following options:
    • Change the Name of the document, and specify a contact person, a date, and document notes.
    • Specify how long your document will stay open on the server after you stop interacting with it. This is a useful feature to ensure your server time is not wasted.
    • Specify which User Groups have access to view and edit the document.
    • Your secret document API key is also shown here. See here for more information on using the Displayr API.
  • Version History - this section lists historical versions of the document. Displayr auto-saves a new version of your document every 10 minutes during editing, as well as every time you publish or re-publish the document. Note that each version is kept for 24 hours. Eventually, this will gradually be thinned until 48 weeks, at which time only one version per 4-week period will be retained. If you wish to keep a particular version indefinitely you can download the document using the Download link.

You can also download a copy of an older version of a document by clicking the Download link next to that version. This file is called a QPack (named for its use as a file type in Displayr's desktop cousin, Q). You can revert to an older version of your document by clicking the Use This Version link next to any version.

To replace the document with the contents of a QPack, use the + Upload New Version button. This is mainly intended for Q users who may open and edit the file in Q and wish to then load the file back into Displayr.

  • Users with Access - this section lists all of the individual users alongside their account permission level (administrator, create/edit documents or view documents). See here for more details on setting up user and group permissions.
  • Other - this section contains miscellaneous technical information about your document.