Once you're ready to share your Display document with your end users,  the document can be exported, or published, as a Web Page in View Mode. How exactly your dashboard is published depends on whether or not your dashboard is a Free or Professional document.

Free vs. Professional documents

If you are using the free version of Displayr, all of your documents will be free documents and you will not be able to create professional documents. Free documents do not consume any of your server viewing time and may only be published publicly on the web.

With a professional license, each document starts out as a free document but becomes professional whenever you use a professional feature.  A list of features available with a professional license can found on our pricing page. Professional documents are shown on your Documents page on the right-hand side of the document name. If a document is not marked as Professional, then it is a free document.  Professional documents require server time to be published to the web and cannot be published publicly.

Professional documents can be published either through a private link or by requiring the viewer to login to gain access. Both of these methods consume server viewing time. When you require viewers to login to access a dashboard, you also have access to additional features such as viewer-specific filtering and page-level permissions within your dashboard.

Aside from having the users access your dashboard directly, you can also embed the dashboard on your own website.

How to publish documents

To publish a document:

  1. Click the Export tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Click on the Web Page button.
  3. Choose the access level of for the published document:
    • Public on the web - Anyone on the internet can find and access the document with no login required to view the document.
    • Anyone with the link - Anyone who has the link can access the document, with no login required. This option is only available if you have purchased a Displayr license.
    • Login and password required - The document is protected and is shared only with specific individuals. This option is only available if you have purchased a Displayr license.
  4. If you wish to hide the navigation bar check the option which says Hide navigation pane (see Navigation Bar) in the Advanced Options section.
  5. To add a search bar to any dashboard that will allow users to search across documents that they have access to, select Searchable from other company documents that can be viewed without a password from the Advanced Options (not available for public documents).
  6. When choosing the option Anyone with the link you can also choose to allow viewers to Explore the data without a password by selecting this under Advanced Options.
  7. Press Publish.
  8. Press View or copy the link to share with your colleagues or clients.