When sharing reports, it’s often necessary to create multiple reports with a different filter on the data. For example, you need a hard copy report for each market or segment. If you're exporting one report at a time and manually changing the filter, this process can be tedious and time-consuming. In Displayr, you can now save time and effort by automatically exporting multiple, filtered reports in one go!

The process is quite simple:

  1. Create filters in your document
  2. Publish the document to the web
  3. Export multiple documents using the filters

Create your filters for the loop

There are many ways to create a filter in Displayr - see: 5 Ways to Create a Filter in Displayr for more detail. Importantly, if you create filters using Method 4 then you will need to set the variables together in a Binary-Multi variable set. To do so, select all variables in the Data Set that should be set together, and go to Data Manipulation > Combine from the Ribbon.

Publish your document to the web

Once your filters and report are ready, publish the document to View mode. To do this, go to Export > Web page. Remember to Republish if you have previously exported.

Export to PowerPoint looping through each of your filters

Within View mode, click on the Export link (at the very top). Select the file type to export: PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF.

Then, click on Advanced Options, and pick the filter categories you made above and click Export. Displayr will generate one report file for each selected filter category!

The advanced options of the automated filtered exports

To avoid interrupting the export process, please keep the browser window open until all the exports have downloaded.


Watch the video below to see the looped exports in action, or try it for yourself using our example Campground Dashboard.