Sawtooth versus Displayr

Displayr is an advanced data analysis, choice-based conjoint analysis and choice modeling software alternative to Sawtooth. Discover a new and more sophisticated way of creating and estimating choice models with Displayr. 


Why do Choice Modeling in Displayr?

Let's be honest. Choice-based conjoint analysis is not the easiest of tasks to do. Choosing the right choice modeling software can save you a lot of time, money and angst. You can keep reading for a handy comparison guide of Sawtooth and Displayr or let us prove it to you with a 15 min demonstration. 

Choice simulator in Displayr

Choice simulator in Displayr

Displayr is the only complete data analysis platform. Created by experts in the field of discrete choice modeling, Displayr is modern and designed to be easy to use. You can build online choice simulators while Displayr uses the most advanced methods to generate the best choice tasks. Oh, and did we mention its complete? That means you get to spend less (as in none!) time shuffling between and paying for different products between SPSS, R, Q, and Sawtooth.

But just in case, you've been using Sawtooth, we've added a handy comparison table below to check out exactly how it stacks up against Displayr. Plus, if you grab a 15 minute demo and by the end you can tell us one area of choice modeling Sawtooth is better at than Displayr, we'll send you a free gift basket. 

Get started with Displayr today

Get started with Displayr today

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