Advanced analytics specialist Miklos Kremser uses Displayr to pinpoint insights in record time.

Miklos’s Story

As someone who has lived and breathed advanced market research analytics for the past couple of decades, Miklos Kremser was no stranger to the stress of tight-turnaround times for projects, juggling multiple analysis tools, and demanding clients. But after a recent switch to Displayr, Miklos has found he can now run complex analyses in record time – creating more value for his clients and, most importantly, finding more time for the things he loves.


“I'll never forget this MaxDiff project in which I had budgeted a whole day to run the analysis. I was done in an hour and a half, so I called up my kids and asked if they wanted to go for a bike ride together. It allowed me to get some normalcy back into my life!”


Market research tales

Over the years, Miklos has amassed a collection of stories that will strike a chord with every market researcher. Like staying up to 11 pm to finish running an analysis that's due to the client first thing in the morning or rerunning an analysis over and over again to look at different segments and sending the results off to a client and having them come back with a million additional requests that weren't in the original brief.

"I remember being in a cab on the LA 405 Freeway heading to client presentation with Universal Studios. My partner is on the laptop next to me, and I'm on the phone with a colleague back at our office – rerunning the analysis. Thank god for typical LA traffic!"

Choice Based Market Insights

As the Principal of Choice Based Market Insights, Miklos knows how vital quality research with fast turn arounds are. His team specializes in advanced market research techniques such as discrete choice models and MaxDiff, product optimization, cost-benefit analysis, and pricing strategy. He's often a resource for other consultancies when a higher level of analytical expertise or technical knowledge is needed.

How Miklos uses Displayr

Miklos used to chalk up the long, manual analysis process to "that's how market research is." Since discovering Displayr, he's managed to reduce his analysis time by more than 50% and prevent a few major headaches along the way.

He recalls one project when the clients wanted to see preference share by different sub-segments at the last minute. Instead of spending hours rerunning analyses multiple times by various sub-segments, he did it in Displayr in a single click - 30 seconds. Although he admits that sometimes he's still in disbelief that it was done so quickly!


With Displayr, Miklos has also saved time by streamlining his research process. Previously, a typical workflow would have involved running the analysis in a tool like SPSS, exporting it to Excel, using Excel to create charts, and then copying those charts to PowerPoint. Talk about convoluted! Now, he's able to achieve all that with a single tool, sharing results as interactive reports that are connected to their source data - and that's a real gamechanger.

The luxury of time

The luxury of now having additional time means his team can take on more clients and spend more time digging deeper into insights, looking at the data and results from many more angles, and editing the finer details. Not to mention the joy of having time for a more critical eye and polishing a presentation to perfection for his clients.

“Now, I can focus all my time on the results. As a market researcher, our value is in the results you're able to pull… results that will determine a decision this multi-million dollar company is going to make.”


See how Miklos uses Displayr to create value for his clients here.

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