Is Tableau the Best BI Tool for Surveys?

No. Tableau requires substantial time to prepare the data to get it into a format that can be analyzed, visualized, and shared. This is often a source of frustration for people that want to report on insights from survey data.

Displayr, on the other hand, is the only BI tool built specifically with survey data in mind. It makes it easy to transform survey data into powerful, interactive and visual stories. Here are six advantages Displayr has over Tableau when it comes to survey analysis:

1. Easy to create standard survey analyses

Unlike Tableau, Displayr has all the tools required for survey data analysis built in. Using the easy drag and drop interface, you can easily create nets, top 2 box scores, analyze grids, multiple response data, weights and more. Displayr is does all the heavy lifting for you.

So no more analyzing in one package and reporting in another.

2. Displayr connects to typical survey file formats

Displayr supports all survey file formats, including SPSS data files (.sav), SPSS Dimensions (Data Collection Model) data files (*.mdd), Triple-S data files. It integrates seamlessly with Q Research Software, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and also connects to most other common data sources (e.g., Excel, SQL, Dropbox).

3. Automatically compute and visualize statistical significance

Displayr will automatically apply the appropriate statistical tests to your data. By default, statistical significance is shown on tables using colour (blue for higher, red for lower) and arrows – the longer the arrow, the stronger the significance.

4. It's easier to use all the advanced analysis techniques required for survey data

Displayr makes it so easy to discover ‘lightbulb’ moments without you being (or employing) a statistician. Because behind the scenes, it's doing all the heavy lifting for you – using the latest machine learning, visualizations, and the incredible power of ‘R’. However, unlike Tableau, you don’t need to know any code to do advanced analysis - regression, conjoint, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, MaxDiff, machine learning and more is fast and easy to use.

5. Truly a cloud-based tool for collaboration

Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time. No need to be syncing from offline to online all the time

6. Price

Tableau is not designed for sharing with large numbers of users. This is where it gets expensive because unlike Displayr, a separate license is required for each viewer. So when it comes to pricing, Displayr is much cheaper when there are four or more viewers of a dashboard.

If you want to transform your survey data into powerful, interactive, and visual stories, Displayr is the only drag and drop BI tool designed to analyze, visualize, report, and share insights from survey data.

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