Getting Started Videos


Displayr Product Demo

Discover how Displayr takes you from survey data to powerful insights... in half the time.




Automatic Updating


Creating Variables in Displayr

All the tips and tricks for making variable creation easy in Displayr.


Quick and Easy Survey Analysis

Because Displayr is specifically designed for survey analysis, the analysis and reporting process is seamless, saving you heaps of time.


Updating Trackers

Update a Displayr documents including trackers. See how to automatically update analyses and visualizations with new data.


Basic Dashboard

Create a Palm Tree chart to visualize multi-dimensional data. Customize the chart and document.


Displayr Basics

Import data, customize appearance, simple crosstabs & visualizations, modify variables & filters, export to Powerpoint & publish as a webpage.


Time Series Data

Pull in financial and search data using an API, create time-series charts that update in real-time, customize the appearance, and export to a webpage.


MaxDiff Example

See how to use Hierarchical Bayes in a MaxDiff Study.


Visualizing Data

Learn how to visualize data with bar charts, geographic maps, pictographs, donut charts, and ranking charts.