Getting Started Videos


Displayr Product Demo

Discover how Displayr takes you from survey data to powerful insights... in half the time.


Basic Dashboard

Create a Palm Tree chart to visualize multi-dimensional data. Customize the chart and document.


Displayr Basics

Import data, customize appearance, simple crosstabs & visualizations, modify variables & filters, export to Powerpoint & publish as a webpage.


Time Series Data

Pull in financial and search data using an API, create time-series charts that update in real-time, customize the appearance, and export to a webpage.


MaxDiff Example

See how to use Hierarchical Bayes in a MaxDiff Study.


Visualizing Data

Learn how to visualize data with bar charts, geographic maps, pictographs, donut charts, and ranking charts.


Updating Trackers

Update a Displayr documents including trackers. See how to automatically update analyses and visualizations with new data.