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Quickly find and share meaningful data stories

Displayr is the complete data workspace built for teams.

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The only tool you'll ever need to find and share data stories

Displayr’s the one app for everything you need - allowing you to fully connect your data, analysis, visualizations, and reports for seamless automation, better insights & compelling stories.

We’ve built Displayr to work for everyone - statisticians, market researchers, report creators, and all busy professionals who work with data. So, you can create the ultimate data workspace for your team regardless of position or skill level.


See how thousands of teams get 10x more done with Displayr


Turn weeks of work into minutes

Eliminate the tedious cutting, pasting, importing, exporting (and fixing) data between software.

Streamline your workflow, from data cleaning and analysis, to visualizations, reports and presentations.

Shift your focus from cumbersome processes to actionable insights.

Enhance speed and efficiency with automation and collaboration across team members in the one workspace.


Embrace self-sufficiency

Still outsourcing tasks like text coding, data cleaning and advanced analytics? With Displayr it is not only possible, but even preferable to take a DIY approach. Now your tedious tasks are taken care of with automation, and difficult advanced analysis made easy with Displayr’s statistical capabilities.

Reduce your reliance on external support, embrace independence, and accelerate your workflow today.


Creating compelling data narratives

No more dull data dumps and eyes glazed over in meetings about reports that are hard to understand or engage with. With hundreds of visualizations, customizable brand kits, templates and more, Displayr makes it easy to turn your data into captivating, meaningful stories.

Best of all, your interactive reports are linked back to your original analysis and data, meaning everything can be automatically updated.


Minimize errors,
maximize quality

Better, faster insights don't have to come at the expense of quality of control. We know that traditional report creation is loaded with errors that are difficult to detect and time-consuming to correct.

But with Displayr, all your analysis and reporting is completed in one tool - minimizing room for error and making it easier to spot mistakes, trace it, fix it, and auto-update everything with a few clicks. Quality assured without the drama.


I was really blown away because I was prepared to have to adjust a lot of things in the dashboard when I updated it. I couldn’t believe it. It was really just one click to update the entire report.

Dóra Török

Research Analyst, dunnhumby

Ready to future-proof your analysis and reporting capabilities?

Displayr is comprised of two modules - Data Stories which handles analysis, visualizations, and reporting + Displayr for more advanced analysis like regression. Tell us what work you do by clicking below, and we'll recommend the best tool for you.


Create visualizations


Create presentations, dashboards & reports


Create crosstabs &pivot tables

Advanced analysis

Regression & advanced analysis

Data Stories

  • Import tables from Excel, Q, Displayr, SQL Queries
  • Create visualizations
  • Create presentations, dashboards and reports
  • PowerPoint report automation
  • Work collaboratively
  • AI empowered


Everything in Data Stories plus:

  • Connect raw survey data and SQL Queries
  • Data cleaning and tidying
  • Create crosstabs and pivot tables
  • Regression and advanced analysis

See why people love Displayr

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