Powerful analysis & reporting specifically for survey data

No more hacking together solutions using tools that weren’t designed for survey analysis and reporting. Displayr is the online tool built from the ground up for survey data insights, making it easy to do everything you need (and more), in half the time.

One app for everything

How many tools are you using to do all your analysis and reporting today? Imagine if your entire team could do it all collaboratively in one app. Brand research, market segmentation, NPD, MaxDiff, conjoint, driver analysis, TURF, and more. Everything from crosstabs through to interactive dashboards and PowerPoint automation. Think of the time you’ll save!

Quickly discover the story in your data

When it comes to survey analysis, Displayr does all the heavy lifting for you. It connects to virtually any type of data, automates most of the analysis process, and  provides you with the latest machine learning, statistical techniques, and visualizations. Save even more time by automatically updating your reports when you have new data.

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Bring your data to life

Stop wasting time reporting in one package and analyzing in another. Quickly and easily create stunning interactive web pages, dashboards, and presentations that directly link to your data and analysis. Not only will you have more engaging data stories, but you can also empower your viewers to self-serve by giving them access to interactive visualizations, analysis tools, and filter-based queries (you can even set different levels of access for different teams).

"A dashboard that would've taken a week to do previously
is now ready in two days.

Michelle Mercer, Lewers Research

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Compare your current tools

Displayr MarketSight SPSS R Dapresy Tableau
Designed for survey data
Most grunt work is automated (e.g., formatting data, coding, stat testing)
Advanced analysis with code
Advanced analysis without code
Automatically update reporting
Interactive dashboards
Export to PowerPoint and web pages
24hrs free expert support (business days)
Work collaboratively in the same document at the same time
Cloud based

Get help from our experts

Need some help unlocking your data or upping your reporting game? Our team of experts can help with hooking up your data, building beautiful dashboards, customizing visualizations, and transferring SPSS syntax. If you’ve got data, we’re here to help.

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