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Find it painful to get your conjoint studies done?

Conjoint is one of many advanced techniques that Displayr supports. Like with the rest, it's fully integrated and highly automated. So you don't need to throw away hours cobbling together specialist tools or waiting on experts to do it for you. You can do it all quickly in Displayr.

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How it works:

1. Create your experimental design
2. Export it to your data collection platform
3. Analyze conjoint data
4. Create your simulator

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Experimental designs for conjoint

No matter which type of experimental design you require, we've got you covered, including efficient designs, partial profile designs, randomized designs, shortcut designs, prohibitions, orthogonal designs, and more. Displayr even guides you with suggestions and warnings to help you avoid making silly mistakes.

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Conjoint Analysis

Estimate any one of the key choice models, including HB (recommended), latent class analysis, multinomial logit, and multi-class HB. Color-coded summaries and histograms make it easy to interpret results.

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Conjoint Simulators

Create an interactive simulator in a couple of mouse clicks – it's that easy. Goodbye, excel macros! Displayr has all the formatting tools to make your simulator look branded and beautiful. Secure access with logins and passwords. Allow clients to run their own simulations and explore the data - hassle-free! 

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Save money!

You can buy a whole Displayr license, which includes everything from conjoint to dashboards to basic crosstabs, for less than what you pay for software from our specialist competitors with their old-fashioned software and algorithms.

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