Fast track categorizing and coding text data
Save time translating and coding text data
Automatically highlight key results on bar charts
Transform Variables Automatically
Add Calculations or Values Directly to Visualizations
Quickly Audit Complex Documents Using the Dependency Graph
Calculate Anything!
Setting up “branded” Power-Point-style templates in Displayr
Boost your analysis with in-built Calculations
Data Editing in Displayr
Quickly Build Four Beautiful Dashboards
Displayr’s New User Interface – What’s Changed and Why
Using Rules on Displayr Tables and Charts
Improved table updating from Displayr to PowerPoint
Even more control over PowerPoint exports!
Export to your own chart templates via Displayr cloud drive
How to use Explore Mode in Displayr
Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ for Variables and Variable Sets
Tracking Usage in Displayr
Document Management in Displayr
Managing User Groups and Permissions in Displayr
Account Settings in Displayr
Dashboards 101: Best practices for developing great dashboards
Working smarter with PowerPoint
How to retrospectively automate an existing PowerPoint report using Displayr
Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ on Filtering
Exporting to PowerPoint 3: How to make changes to existing PowerPoint reports
Easy Functions for Automating Filters and Rebasing
How to Use Basic R Code for Creating Filters
How to Filter Rows and Columns in Visualizations and Tables without Code
Exporting to PowerPoint 1: 10 advantages of creating PowerPoint reports in Displayr
Exporting to PowerPoint 2: How to Create PowerPoint Reports in Displayr
Learn More About Dashboard Best Practices in Displayr
Learn More about Text Analysis in Displayr
Learn More About Variables and Variable Sets in Displayr
Learn More about Displayr’s Microsoft Office exporting capabilities
Learn More about Filtering in Displayr
Working with Principal Components Analysis Results
Learn More About MaxDiff
Learn More about Weighting in Displayr
Learn More about Displayr’s Visualizations
How to Do Principal Components Analysis in Displayr
Learn More about Conjoint in Displayr
Optimizing your Conjoint Analysis Simulator in Displayr
Formatting Data for Running Conjoint in Displayr
5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Dashboard
The Correct Treatment of Sampling Weights in Statistical Tests
How to set Value Attributes for a Binary-Multi and Binary-Grid
Using R in Displayr Video Series
How to easily add custom icons in Displayr
A Change in Displayr’s Default Stat Tests for Numeric Data
Make Stat Tests Compare to Previous Time Periods
How to use the Displayr Cloud Drive
Driver Analysis in Displayr
Tools for Evaluating Segmentations
Improving Segmentations Using Within Variable and Within Case Scaling
Adding Significance Tests and Other Annotations to Visualizations
Host Data in a Country of Your Choice
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