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NPS visualizations for Customer Feedback

Designed for your data

Displayr is built for customer feedback data, so it automates much of the analysis process for you. Instantly compare feedback by groups, and over time, or compute NPS with a click of a button. With automatic stats testing, state-of-the-art visualizations, and sophisticated analysis capabilities for predictive modeling and trend analysis, you'll always be instep with your customer's feedback.

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Automated stat testing for customer feedback analysis

Automated stat testing

Color and arrows automatically highlight significant results, making it fast and easy to spotlight the real insights. Displayr automatically creates all your tables for you and identifies the most interesting ones, saving you hours.

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Advanced analysis techniques for Customer Feedback Analysis

Easily discover more with advanced techniques

Use best in class Driver Analysis to quantify the key drivers of NPS and satisfaction. Quickly categorize and analyze text using the latest machine learning algorithms. Visualize your results and insights with quad maps, small multiples, splines, and stunning interactive dashboards.

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Always have the latest feedback at your fingertips

When you have new customer data, Displayr will automatically update your analysis and reports - instant and error free. You can even set smart triggers to alert you when key metrics change.

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Bring your data to life

Share your results with interactive reports and dashboards, easily apply drop-down menus for filters, hyperlinks, and conditional text and color changes! Take total control over your dashboard with custom access and permissions for different users. When it comes to customer feedback analysis, Displayr’s got your covered.

“For analysis, we’re talking about taking a tenth of the time... In terms of cost, we’re easily saving thousands of dollars per project.”

Mark Fletcher, Power Retail

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