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Displayr makes it easy to quickly uncover insights, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Take action with real-time customer intelligence

Understand your customers better and learn what powers their choices so you can make the most informed and data-backed decisions based on their needs and wants. Discover what drives your customer satisfaction and NPS and separate real trends from noise, with smarter analysis tools. Close the loop with comprehensive, real-time dashboards and analytics that alert you when key metrics change. Take total control over your dashboard with custom access and permissions for different users. When it comes to customer feedback analysis, Displayr’s got your covered.


Auto-update, survey, sensory, sales, marketing, SPSS, SQL, and more.


Driver Analysis, quad Maps, tracking, NPS, CSAT, and pre & post purchase evaluation.


Interactive web pages & dashboards, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF.

Tracking NPS, CSAT, and More

Displayr helps you stay on top of what your customers are thinking and feeling with automatic updating and analysis of post-purchase surveys. You can now capture insights both in real-time and over an entire life cycle. Smart trigger alerts let you know when you need to act. Automatic stats testing, state-of-the-art visualizations, and sophisticated analysis capabilities for predictive modeling and trend analysis mean you are always ahead of the curve.

Sophisticated Analysis

Predict and prioritize key drivers of satisfaction with the latest statistical methods like Shapley and Johnson’s Relative Weights. Use path analysis to find links between service quality, loyalty, perceived value, satisfaction and more. Visualize your results and insights with quad maps, small multiples, splines, and stunning interactive dashboards.

Text Analytics

The latest machine learning algorithms make it easier than ever to scrape data and analyze open-ended responses, social media feeds, or any text. Use sentiment analysis to understand if your customers are happy and identify important themes in conversations. Rapidly code text data using Displayr’s cutting edge text analysis tools.

Interactive Reports and Visualizations

Create beautiful reports with Displayr’s library of customizable and interactive visualizations - small multiples, splines, gauges, and more for customer feedback reporting.

Share your results with interactive reports and dashboards with drop-down menus for filters, hyperlinks and conditional text and color changes! Check out these cool dashboards.

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“Displayr gives me the flexibility to quickly and accurately investigate the data in detail, to go down rabbit holes and explore in a tenth of the time it used to take."

Mark Fletcher, Power Retail

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Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer Feedback Analysis