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Stop wasting time wrangling ​specialist tools

MaxDiff is just one of the many advanced techniques that Displayr supports. Like with the rest, MaxDiff is fully integrated, highly automated, and easy to use. So you can eliminate the pain of wrangling different specialist tools or outsourcing to others – and save a heap of time while you're at it.

How it works

Quickly go from experimental design, to analysis, to interactive report in one tool. Displayr automates all the painful manual steps and makes it easy to deliver best-in-class results, even for the novice. 

1. Create your experimental design (in a couple of clicks)
2. Export it to your data collection platform
3. Analyze & report your data

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Experimental design made easy

Step 1 for any MaxDiff is to create your experimental design. It’s the set of instructions about which questions to ask which people. You can create it in Displayr with the click of a button. Displayr will coach you through, so you won’t make silly mistakes. It really is that simple! 

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MaxDiff analysis

Displayr automates all the painful steps of MaxDiff analysis into a series of button clicks. It even coaches you to a better way of doing things, ensuring you get accurate results quickly.

Easily interpret results with colour coded summaries or extract the utilities as variables and perform other analyses. 

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Reporting MaxDiff

Displayr is also great for reporting MaxDiff results. So you can quickly create visualizations of the MaxDiff, or use your MaxDiff utilities as an input into other analyses like segmentation, TURF, or crosstabs. 

Your plan to do an excellent MaxDiff analysis yourself

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