Displayr vs. Tableau

While Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool, it's best suited for general BI. For survey data, finding and sharing stories shouldn't be so hard. Forget about the frustration of wrangling survey data into the right format and spending hours on your statistical analysis. Displayr will handle all the data and details for you.

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Built to make survey analysis easy and reporting a dream

Displayr is an all-in-one purpose-built survey analysis and reporting platform, designed to make the lives of your team easier. Your team can work collaboratively in the same document, and harness Displayr’s intuitive and flexible features to make analysis and reporting a pleasure.

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  • Designed for survey data
  • Automated statistical testing
  • Advanced analysis with code
  • Advanced data manipulation (clean, merge, and transform data)
  • Reproducible reporting and auto-updating
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Export to PowerPoint and web pages
  • 24 hours free expert support (business days)
  • Work collaboratively
  • Cloud based

  • Advanced analysis with code
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Cloud based

Built for survey analysis unlike other tools

Built for survey analysis unlike other tools

Working with survey data? Then you’ll know what a headache it is to wrangle the data into the right format and then run even simple analyses. With Displayr, you can wave goodbye to that headache because it was purpose built to handle survey data.

Displayr has all the tools required for survey analysis built in, and supports all survey file formats. Plus, Displayr will automatically compute statistical significance so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out statistical tests or group variables. Easily create nets, top 2 box scores, analyze grids, multiple response data, weights and more with Displayr’s easy to use drag and drop interface.

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Displayr Advanced Analysis

Advance your analysis without coding

Want to go further? With Displayr, there’s no code needed to do advanced analysis techniques. Displayr’s makes it so easy to discover those ‘lightbulb’ moments without being a statistician (or hiring one). Displayr works hard behind-the-scenes, doing all the heavy lifting for you - using the latest machine learning, visualizations, and the incredible power of ‘R’. So unlike with Tableau, there’s no need to know how to code to do regression, conjoint, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, MaxDiff, machine learning. Turn complex survey data into insights with ease.

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Automated updating

Reporting done in less than half the time

Displayr is cloud-based so your entire team can work on analysis and reporting in the one document, at the same time. Plus, with Displayr, you can automatically update all your analyses and reports with each new wave of data. That’s all your connected reports and dashboards - instantly updated. And you can easily undo and redo any data modifications, revert and see modifications with a few clicks. Spot a mistake? No worries - you can trace it, fix it and auto-update everything without getting into a tangle.

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Insightful, interactive, and flexible heat maps

Actual business intelligence, not just numbers

You can transform your data into powerful, interactive, and visual stories, not just numbers. Create interactive, filterable dashboards connected to underlying data for sharing results and exploring possibilities. Harness this for internal collaboration or impress clients with the ability to update and inspect analyses on the fly. Think BI, but able to handle survey data and auto-update instantly. That’s the gold standard for statistical analysis.

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“Displayr is extremely powerful and extremely intuitive. It can do vastly more analysis more efficiently than any of the tools I’ve tried in the past."
Ron Gailey President, Americas, Mobile Digital Insights
“It’s analysis, business intelligence, and data science made in one package, for research. When I started exploring Displayr, I fell in love. I felt like I couldn’t go back.”
Wang Wang Senior Research Analyst, dunnhumby
“A project that would’ve taken a week to do previously is now ready in two days. Now we can spend that time looking at what the data is saying and add more value for the client.”
Michelle Mercer Data Analyst, Lewers Research
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