Easily create spectacular
segmentations, fast

Displayr has all the tools to help you uncover the most valuable segments in your data

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How it works​

The complete segmentation toolkit.

  1. Create segments using best-in-class algorithms – from k-means through to latent class and random forest. ​
  2. Profile, and compare alternative segments, quickly iterating to the best segmentation for your market.​
  3. Report, automatically update, and share your segmentations​

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For all data types

Displayr can form segments with any type of data including numeric, categorical, ranking, MaxDiff, Conjoint, and text. ​

Missing data isn't even a problem. By using the best-practice MAR assumption, Display automatically deals with missing data, which is always a major headache in other software.

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Best-in-class algorithms

Form segments using cluster analysis or latent class analysis (latent class analysis is the best for most problems). Build predictive models using all the machine learning tools, from discriminant analysis through to random forest.  

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Quickly discover your ultimate segmentation

Rapidly create, profile, and compare alternative segments, quickly iterating to the best segmentation for your market.

  • Tables specifically designed for comparing different segmentations
  • Experiment with inputs, number of segments, segment names.
  • Use crosstabs, bubble charts, and other visualizations to compare segments.

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Never present a ‘blah’ segmentation again! 

Automatically update and report on segments. Build your report (or dashboard) once. Then just apply a filter to update it entirely for the next segment. Export to PowerPoint or share as interactive dashboards. 

Your plan to stop wasting countless hours & resources trying to figure out Market Segmentation

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If it’s segmentation or standard market research, you’ll do it faster and easier in Displayr

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