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Automatic updating is seamless in Displayr

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A new way to automatically update

Updating analyses, visualizations, and reports are central to the magic of Displayr. Working in a way that's entirely different from any other survey analysis tool.

In other survey analysis tools, automatic updating means writing code or syntax. In other words, you have to write a computer program to do the updating.

Here at Displayr we've already written the computer program, so you instead push a button, and the updating happens automatically. It's that easy.

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The simplest form of updating is filtering. Whether it's a visualization or complicated machine learning model, you can automatically re-run it with a subset of the data by filtering. There's no need to re-run it or anything. It's entirely automated.

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Data cleaning

A common challenge in survey reporting is that you write 99% of the report, and then realize you need to delete a respondent or weight the data. If you are using traditional tools, you will then need to redo your work. In Displayr, when you remove the respondent or weight the data, everything updates 100% automatically. There's no need to repeat anything other than updating your commentary.

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New waves of data

Maybe you have got an extra month of data. Or, perhaps you have redone your survey in a different geographic zone. To update it, all you need to do is swap the data file, and everything will update - it automagic!!

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Reusing your work with similar projects

You may be repeating a pervious study, perhaps just changing a few brand names and attributes. Duplicate the original report and swap the data files, hey presto, you're done.

Highly technical users especially benefit from reusing work because it means they can easily redo complicated workflows.

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