The only tool you’ll ever need to quickly uncover and share the stories in your data

Easy for the novice, powerful for the expert. Analyze, report and publish dashboards. Automatically update everything with new data. Everything’s reproducible, Work collaboratively in real time. Secure cloud platform. Nothing’s missing.

Basic analysis and crosstabs

Quickly create tables using drag and drop or automatically churn them out by the thousand.

Easily manipulate data

Create filters and new variables with the click of a mouse, and merging categories is as easy as drag and drop.

Effortlessly see the stories in the data

Automated, state-of-the-art statistical tests that highlight the key results. You can automatically sort and delete uninteresting tables.

Update everything automatically

Update your raw data and watch all your work update automatically.

Nothing’s missing

From rim weighting to complicated filters to recoding to automatic detection of flat-lining, it’s all there, built in.

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Text analysis and coding

Rapidly analyze and code text

With a click of the mouse, you can automatically categorize your data, perform sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and create word clouds.

Greater accuracy

For the most accurate results, invest a little more time and train Displayr’s machine learning models to understand the nuances of your data.

Instant updating with new text data

To save you even more time, when new text data comes in, Displayr automatically and accurately assigns it to existing categories.

Designed for market research data

All the tools to categorize any type of text data, including single response, multiple response, brand lists, and back-coding.

Nothing’s missing

There’s no text analysis or coding that you cannot perform in Displayr.

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Advanced analysis

All analysis techniques are built-in

Everything you’ll ever need including regression, PCA, clustering, latent class analysis, machine learning, MaxDiff, conjoint, TURF, and so much more.

Designed for survey data

All the analysis techniques work with categorical data, sampling weights, and filters.

Analysis for everyone

Displayr guides you through your analyses, alerting you when there are problems and suggesting solutions along the way.

Nothing’s missing

There’s no advanced analysis you cannot perform in Displayr.

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Professional-quality reporting

Write your reports in Displayr

Displayr allows you to author your reports at the same time as doing your analysis.

Automatic updating of reports

When your data and analyses update, the report automatically updates as well.

Any report exports to PowerPoint

Automatically update entire PowerPoint reports with new data (e.g., waves of survey data, country level reports, automatically batch export).

Nothing’s missing

From webpages and dashboards, to exporting to PowerPoint, Excel, or as a PDF, to embedding interactive visualizations in your blog, Displayr’s got all your reporting needs covered.

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Easily create beautiful, interactive dashboards and online reports. Empower viewers to self-serve with interactive visualizations, filter-based queries, and easy-to-use calculators. Build your dashboard once and automatically update it forever. All your analysis, text coding, visualizations and summaries will update automatically. Add drop-downs, interactive text and visualizations, set page masters. When it comes to dashboards, nothing’s missing.

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“Analysis and reporting that would’ve taken a week to do previously is now ready in two days.”

Michelle Mercer
Lewers Research

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Displayr Survey Reporter SPSS R Dapresy Tableau
Designed for survey data
Automated statistical testing
Advanced analysis with code
Advanced analysis without code
Reproducibile reporting and auto-updating
Interactive dashboards
Export to PowerPoint and web pages
24hrs free expert support (business days)
Work collaboratively
Cloud based

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