Complete your state-of-the-art driver analysis in a matter of minutes

Stop spinning your wheels with your driver analysis!

Quad maps for Driver Analysis

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Pain-free driver analysis

Until now, driver analysis either took way too long to compute or it was just too hard to do. Now you can easily smash through those hurdles and perform a state-of-the-art driver analysis yourself in a matter of mins.

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Visualizations for Driver Analysis

Speed to insight

Displayr uses expert systems to automatically solve many of the uglies of regression-type analysis (e.g., outliers, multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, and categorical outcome variables). While its clever use of algorithms mean that waiting hours for results to compute is a thing of the past – work out what’s important in a matter of minutes.

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Best-in-class algorithms for Driver Analysis


Pick your algorithms or let Displayr figure it out for you. Algorithms include: state-of-the-art Johnson’s relative weights, Shapley, HB, PLS, Ridge Regression, Linear Regression, GLMs, Random Forest, and more.

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Bring your driver analysis to life

Make interpreting results easy with quad maps and market maps. Better yet, make them interactive and online so clients can filter the models and extract their own insights.

"An analysis that would've taken a week to do previously
is now ready in two days.

Michelle Mercer, Lewers Research

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