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Effortlessly create, analyze, and report on survey data with Dynata and Displayr.

What is Dynata?

Dynata is a global leader in first-party data, with a reach that extends to over 62 million consumers and business professionals worldwide. By leveraging an extensive network of highly engaged participants, Dynata provides unparalleled insights into consumer attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. Their platform is built upon advanced technology and a wide array of data sources, ensuring that clients have access to both vast and detailed insights necessary for making informed strategic decisions.

Why Dynata + Displayr

Integrating Displayr with your Dynata data opens a gateway to unparalleled data analysis and insight communication. Displayr simplifies the complexity of data analysis and reporting, transforming raw data into actionable insights. From straightforward crosstab analyses to complex predictive models, text categorization, dashboards, PowerPoint automation, and data apps, Displayr enables you to gain deep insights quickly.

"Using Displayr with Dynata data has revolutionized our approach to market research. The insights are richer, and the reports more compelling."
Senior Market Analyst

Learn how to connect Dynata + Displayr

Fast insights with Dynata data

Fast insights with Dynata data

In the fast-paced world of market research, achieving depth without sacrificing speed is essential. Displayr and Dynata combine the best of both worlds: quick access to global consumer insights and the analytical prowess to efficiently interpret them. With Displayr’s automation features, you can swiftly transition from data collection to insight generation, utilizing Dynata's diverse and rich data panels for a thorough market understanding.

Fast insights with Lightspeed data

Automate your analysis and dashboards

Displayr is engineered to automate the labor-intensive aspects of data analysis, enabling you to focus on uncovering the story within your data. From importing and cleansing Dynata's detailed datasets to applying sophisticated analytics and disseminating findings with interactive reports and dashboards; Displayr optimizes your workflow, making every step from collection to presentation quicker and more effective.

Fast, impressive reporting

Insight through data narratives

Transcend conventional reporting with Displayr's dynamic visualization and storytelling capabilities. Use the power of Dynata's rich datasets to craft reports that not only inform but also engage. Whether you're presenting to internal stakeholders or broadcasting insights globally, Displayr facilitates turning data into compelling stories.

More analysis techniques

No need to rely on others

With Displayr’s easy to use interface, there’s no need to depend on external analysts or outsource any work. You gain the autonomy to dive right into Dynata’s extensive consumer insights. This independence speeds up the research process and your decision-making.

Notebook technology

Less error!

The data connection between Displayr and Dynata not only accelerates your research but also its accuracy. By connecting Dynata data and then merging analysis and reporting within Displayr, the risk of errors is minimized, making it straightforward to update findings as new data becomes available. This ensures that your insights are consistently accurate, relevant, and ready to inform strategic actions.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team in a single document. This means no more waiting for someone to finish or dividing up files. Now you can all work on the same document in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Displayr market place is here. If you want to discuss setting up API integration with your app, reach out to us here.

Yes! Displayr has more analysis technique and more flexible reporting. It also makes it easy for anyone to do their own work, without having to rely on specialists.

If you don't have a Displayr license, you can sign up for a trial here.

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