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Displayr is analysis and reporting software built to help you find deeper insights in your Lightspeed Research data.

What is Lightspeed Research?

Lightspeed operates an online panel network with millions of respondents worldwide, giving businesses invaluable feedback from a broad spectrum of consumers to capture market trends, consumer behaviors, and evolving preferences. Leveraging advanced technology and a vast, diverse respondent pool, Lightspeed ensures that clients gain access to a wealth of data alongside deep insights for strategic decision-making.

Why Lightspeed + Displayr

Integrating Displayr with your Lightspeed data opens up a new realm of data analysis and insight communication. Displayr cuts through the complexity of data analysis and reporting, enabling everything from straightforward crosstab analysis to intricate predictive models, text categorization, dashboards, PowerPoint automation, and data apps. With Displayr, you achieve profound insights swiftly.

"Implementing Displayr with Lightspeed data has revolutionized our approach to market research, yielding deeper insights and more compelling reports."
Senior Market Analyst

Learn how to connect Lightspeed + Displayr

Fast insights with Lightspeed data

Fast insights with Lightspeed data

In the fast-paced domain of market research, achieving depth without compromising on speed is essential. Lightspeed and Displayr unite to offer quick access to worldwide consumer insights with the analytical prowess to efficiently decode them. With Displayr's automation features, transitioning from data gathering to insight development is faster than ever, utilizing Lightspeed's diverse panels for an all-encompassing market view.

Seamless PureProfile integration

Automate everything

Displayr aims to automate the mundane aspects of data analysis, freeing you to uncover the narratives within your data. From importing and cleansing Lightspeed's detailed datasets to applying sophisticated analytics and disseminating findings, Displayr optimizes your workflow. This comprehensive platform transforms how you interact with data, enhancing every phase from collection to presentation.

Fast, impressive reporting

Engaging data stories

Step beyond conventional reporting with Displayr's dynamic visualization and storytelling capabilities. Utilize Lightspeed's rich datasets to craft reports that not only inform but also engage. Whether presenting to stakeholders or broadcasting insights globally, Displayr simplifies transforming data into compelling narratives.

More analysis techniques

Embrace self-sufficiency

With Displayr's robust tools at your disposal, reliance on external analysts for in-depth data exploration becomes a thing of the past. You're empowered to delve into Lightspeed's extensive consumer insights, with features designed to demystify complex analyses. This autonomy accelerates the research cycle and introduces flexibility into your decision-making process.

Notebook technology

Minimize errors, maximize quality

The synergy between Displayr and Lightspeed not only quickens your research pace but also bolsters its accuracy. By merging analysis and reporting, Displayr reduces error risks and facilitates easy updates with new data. This guarantees that your insights remain precise, pertinent, and actionable.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team in a single document. This means no more waiting for someone to finish or dividing up files. Now you can all work on the same document in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Displayr market place is here. If you want to discuss setting up API integration with your app, reach out to us here.

Yes! Displayr has more analysis technique and more flexible reporting. It also makes it easy for anyone to do their own work, without having to rely on specialists.

If you don't have a Displayr license, you can sign up for a trial here.

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