PureProfile + Displayr
Go deeper into your data story, faster.

Turn your PureProfile data into meaningful insights and impactful reports.

What is PureProfile?

PureProfile manages an online community filled with panel members profiled across a wide range of data points, like age, preferences, and beliefs. This panel allows market researchers to precisely target consumers, making it possible to reach the right participants for even highly specific studies. PureProfile stands out for its commitment to high-quality data, maintained by a dedicated Quality Assurance team, and is known for quick project completion, thanks to their active panel members. Essentially, PureProfile links brands with the ideal consumers by exploring the reasons behind consumer actions.

Why PureProfile + Displayr

Using Displayr with your PureProfile data makes understanding and sharing insights simple. Displayr is an analysis and reporting tool that allows you to analyze consumer behavior in many ways, from basic tables to advanced studies like brand analysis and MaxDiff. It's not just about analysis; Displayr helps you share your findings easily too. You can create engaging dashboards and auto-generate PowerPoint presentations filled with impactful charts and visuals, making it straightforward to communicate your insights.

Using PureProfile with Displayr helps you get the most out of your data, so you can make smarter decisions faster.

"Displayr saves me so much time and adds value that would normally require me outsourcing to more experienced analysts."
Market Research Consultant

Learn how to connect PureProfile + Displayr

Seamless PureProfile integration

Fast insights with PureProfile data

Displayr is your all-in-one solution for automating data analysis tasks. From cleaning and formatting PureProfile data to conducting statistical tests and creating detailed tables and crosstabs, Displayr does it all. It even goes further by formatting and structuring these outputs, updating analyses, and automating PowerPoint reporting and dashboard updates. With Displayr, you streamline your entire workflow, turning PureProfile insights into compelling stories with ease.

Fast, impressive reporting

Engaging data stories

Forget about the old days of tedious reporting and uninspiring data dumps. With Displayr, creating and sharing engaging stories from your data becomes a breeze. Utilize hundreds of visualizations, custom color palettes, and auto-updating interactive reports that link directly back to your analysis and PureProfile source data. Make your data not just seen, but understood and acted upon.

More analysis techniques

Embrace self-sufficiency

With Displayr, there's no need to outsource your data analysis tasks. This powerful tool empowers you to do it all yourself, automating the complex parts of the process and giving you the freedom to work independently. Say goodbye to waiting on external support and hello to a faster, more efficient workflow that makes the most of PureProfile's detailed consumer insights.

Notebook technology

Minimize errors, maximize quality

Using Displayr not only speeds up your analysis but also significantly improves your quality control. Traditional methods of report creation are prone to errors, which can be difficult to spot and fix. Displayr changes the game by consolidating analysis and reporting in one tool, minimizing the risk of mistakes. And if an error is found? Quickly trace it, fix it, and auto-update everything. With Displayr, you ensure the highest quality in your work, making every insight from PureProfile count.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team in a single document. This means no more waiting for someone to finish or dividing up files. Now you can all work on the same document in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Displayr market place is here. If you want to discuss setting up API integration with your app, reach out to us here.

Yes! Displayr has more analysis technique and more flexible reporting. It also makes it easy for anyone to do their own work, without having to rely on specialists.

If you don't have a Displayr license, you can sign up for a trial here.

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