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Displayr is flexible live reporting software built to make every stage of your analysis & reporting faster and easier.
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Quickly analyze a survey and report the results


Automatic updating with revised data


Quickly and easily create a dashboard


Make your data look great and allow users to self serve


Save time by automatically generating PPT reports


Easily Create Beautiful Dashboards from Scratch


Interactive and live data visualization


A full suite of tools for every aspect of segmentation


State-of-the-art MaxDiff that’s simple and quick to use


Fast driver analysis with awesome reporting


Quickly categorize or automatically code text


A sophisticated toolbox for weighting data


How to calculate anything, literally anything


Super easy principal components analysis (PCA)


Easily and quickly compute correlations


Quickly unlock optimal product combinations


Do all your conjoint analysis and reporting in one app


Link existing PowerPoint trackers to Displayr


Export editable charts into PowerPoint


Engaging presentations and self-service analytics


Empowering viewers to explore data

Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase
Displayr Showcase

"A dashboard that would've taken a week to do previously
is now ready in two days.

Michelle Mercer, Lewers Research

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