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What is UNICOM Intelligence?

UNICOM Intelligence, previously known as IBM Data Collection and SPSS Dimensions, is a comprehensive software suite designed to empower survey and market research professionals to delve into the intricacies of consumer attitudes, preferences, and opinions. Leveraging its advanced features, this platform is used globally by a multitude of businesses to create, administer, and analyze surveys across diverse mediums, including paper-based, telephone, and online formats. Its versatile capabilities ensure researchers can efficiently gather data.

Why UNICOM Intelligence + Displayr

The UNICOM and Displayr partnership means UNICOM customers can now seamlessly connect their UNICOM data to Displayr for deeper analysis, visualization, dashboarding and reports. This enables fast, informed decision-making and strategic insights. Together, the UNICOM Intelligence and Displayr partnership bridge the gap from data collection to interpretation and reporting.

"This integration changes everything. It saves so much time." UNICOM customer

Learn how to set up your UNICOM Intelligence + Displayr integration

Seamless UNICOM integration

Go directly from UNICOM to Displayr

Simply select the UNICOM icon while importing data into Displayr and proceed as guided. This efficient procedure allows for immediate data analysis. As new data arrives, it automatically refreshes all related elements, ensuring your analysis remains up-to-date.

Automate everything

Effortless automation

Go deep into your UNICOM Intelligence data. Displayr streamlines your workflow by automating most tasks, including data cleaning and formatting, statistical tests, creating tables and crosstabs, updating analyses, applying weights, generating PowerPoint reports, and refreshing dashboards. Integrate your UNICOM data seamlessly, even before your data collection is complete and all elements of your project—analysis, tables, visualizations, and weights—automatically update in real-time.

More analysis techniques

For humans, not robots

Displayr offers an all-in-one solution for advanced data analysis, making it easy to use without needing extensive training. With Displayr, you have access to a wide range of analysis techniques such as regression, clustering, machine learning, and more, all designed to be user-friendly. This means you can quickly perform complex analyses and get the insights you need without the hassle.

Fast, impressive reporting

Streamline reporting and data visualization

Displayr makes it easy to create attractive reports and share insights. You can export reports to PowerPoint, publish them as interactive webpages, or share dashboards privately. With Displayr, your reports automatically update with new data, keeping your presentations fresh. It's great for turning complex data into clear stories, with options to export to PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF, and tools to build interactive dashboards and visualizations.

Notebook technology

Intuitive notebook technology

Experience the next level of collaborative analysis and reporting with our advanced Notebook technology, designed for everyone with data. Displayr empowers you to analyze, visualize, and construct your reports simultaneously within a user-friendly, no-code environment (you can use code if you want to). Instantly bring your UNICOM data to life, visualizing your findings as you uncover them for a more efficient and integrated reporting experience.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work together with your team on a single document in real-time. Gone are the days of waiting for the data to finish being collected in UNICOM or for someone to complete their part of the report. Everyone can contribute to the same document simultaneously, even before the data has finished being collected, streamlining your workflow and fostering a more cohesive and productive team environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seamless Data Transfer: The direct link between UNICOM and Displayr allows for effortless data transfer. This integration means you can quickly move data from UNICOM's robust survey platform directly into Displayr for analysis without the need for manual data handling or complex import processes.

Real-time Updates: As new survey data is collected in UNICOM, it automatically updates in Displayr. This real-time synchronization ensures that your analysis, visualizations, and reports always reflect the most current data, enabling dynamic and responsive decision-making.

Comprehensive Analysis Tools: Displayr is equipped with a wide range of advanced analysis tools, from basic descriptive statistics to complex multivariate analysis, machine learning, and more. The integration allows you to apply these tools to your UNICOM data effortlessly, unlocking deeper insights and understanding from your surveys.

Advanced Visualization and Reporting: With Displayr, you can create visually appealing reports, dashboards, and interactive webpages. This capability means that the insights derived from your UNICOM data can be communicated effectively, enhancing the impact of your findings and facilitating data-driven decisions.

Efficiency and Productivity: The streamlined workflow between UNICOM and Displayr reduces the time and effort required for data analysis. By automating data updates and providing easy access to powerful analysis tools, this integration allows you to focus more on deriving insights and less on the mechanics of data management.

Collaboration and Sharing: Displayr facilitates easy sharing and collaboration. You can share insights with stakeholders through 'view only' dashboards, export reports to various formats (like PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF), and publish interactive webpages. This integration ensures that your team and stakeholders are always informed with the latest data and insights.

Yes, you can create interactive dashboards in Displayr using data from UNICOM Intelligence. This integration allows you to seamlessly import your survey data collected with UNICOM Intelligence directly into Displayr. Once the data is in Displayr, you have a wide range of tools and functionalities at your disposal to create dynamic and interactive dashboards.

The integration streamlines the reporting process by automatically updating PowerPoint reports and dashboards in Displayr whenever new survey data is collected in UNICOM. This means your reports will always reflect the latest data without manual intervention.

This integration enables multiple team members to work collaboratively on the same dataset and reports. With Displayr's cloud-based platform, teams can simultaneously analyze UNICOM data, build reports, and share insights in real-time, enhancing teamwork and efficiency.

Displayr is tailored to accommodate users across the spectrum of data analysis proficiency, ensuring that both novices and seasoned experts can efficiently extract valuable insights from their UNICOM data. With its user-friendly interface and extensive tools, Displayr simplifies the analysis process. It provides straightforward, no-code solutions for beginners, allowing them to navigate and analyze data quickly without programming knowledge. Simultaneously, it offers advanced analytical functions for more experienced users who seek deeper data exploration and complex analysis. This inclusive approach ensures that Displayr empowers all users to leverage their UNICOM data to its fullest potential regardless of skill level, facilitating informed decision-making through accessible and powerful analysis capabilities.

Learn how to connect UNICOM Intelligence data here.

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