Is Displayr a Better Alternative to Dapresy?

Yes! Displayr is a business intelligence platform designed to easily transform survey data into powerful interactive reports and dashboards.  View, analyze, visualize, and share insights – all in one complete app. 

Here are six areas where Displayr outperforms Dapresy:

A complete analysis tool

Unlike Dapresy, you can easily do all of your analyses in Displayr. Displayr uses the latest machine learning, visualizations, and the power of ‘R’ in an interface making it easy to do any type of analysis – from basic tables to regression, conjoint, MaxDiff and more.


Creating a report or dashboard in Displayr is easy! Starting from a blank page, similar to PowerPoint – add your data, then use menus and drag & drop editors to analyze, visualize, format, and publish your findings. Even better, page masters can be created to standardize backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

In Dapresy, you’re either restricted to predefined templates or waiting on others to build something for you.

Real-time collaboration

Imagine having someone do the analysis, while someone else simultaneously formats the same document – and it’s all happening magically in real-time. Displayr is truly a collaborative tool where teams can work together in the document at the same time.

Transparent pricing

Displayr has flexible and transparent pricing documented on the website, so you will always know what your investment is. Build the pricing plan that works best for your company needs – choose the amount of analysis (edit time) and reporting (viewer time). Quantity discounts are also automatically applied.

No limits on the number of variables

Unlike Daprasy, Displayr does not limit the number of variables that can be included in a dashboard.

24-hour support

Both Displayr and Dapresy provide consulting services with experts. Displayr has a team of data scientists and designers to work with you alongside an expert customer success team on hand 24 hours a day (business days).

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We created Displayr so that smart people can do their own data science: explore, model, visualize, and report. One app for everything. Easy for novices, powerful for experts.

Tim Bock, CEO

How to do MaxDiff
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How to do MaxDiff
First session 22 Sep 2021

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