Forsta + Displayr
Go deeper into your data story, faster.

Convert your Forsta data into meaningful insights and impactful reports.

What is Forsta?

Forsta is a technology platform specializing in customer experience and consumer research. Widely used by Displayr customers, it serves as a key tool for data collection and basic analysis. This collected data seamlessly integrates with Displayr, enabling researchers to perform more advanced analysis and create detailed reports

Why Forsta + Displayr

When researchers are under pressure to deliver high quality insights but time frames are short, the Forsta + Displayr partnership has got you covered. Benefit from deeper, more sophisticated analyses, flexible crosstabbing tools, rapid PowerPoint reporting, and automatic updates with new data.

"We've integrated Forsta's into our Displayr workflow and it leaves less room for error plus everything is done so much faster."
Forsta customer

Learn how to set up your Forsta + Displayr integration

Seamless Forsta integration

Seamless Forsta integration

Connect Fosta to Displayr and automatically update your analysis and report as new results appear. Plus, Displayr instantly cleans and formats your Forsta data, so you are ready to go fast.

Automate everything

Everything is automated

With Displayr, everything that can be automated is– including cleaning & formatting data, statistical testing, generating tables and crosstabs, updating analyses, applying weights, PowerPoint reporting, and reproducing dashboards.

More analysis techniques

Advanced analysis techniques

All analysis techniques are at your fingertips in Displayr and easy to use. Techniques include regression, PCA, clustering, latent class analysis, machine learning, MaxDiff, conjoint, TURF, and so much more.

Fast, impressive reporting

Fast, impressive reporting

With Displayr, any report exports to PowerPoint or can be published as a dashboard. And because your Forsta data is connected to the analysis, visualizations, summary text, and report– everything is refreshed when new data comes in.

Notebook technology

Notebook technology

A powerful, collaborative analysis and reporting tool built for humans, not robots. SQL, R, and no-code work together so you can analyze, visualize, and build your report all at the same time in the same app. Instantly visualize what you are learning.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team in a single document. This means no more waiting for someone to finish or dividing up files. Now you can all work on the same document in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to connect Forsta data here.

Yes, the Displayr market place is here. If you want to discuss setting up API integration with your app, reach out to us here.

Yes! Displayr has more analysis technique and more flexible reporting. It also makes it easy for anyone to do their own work, without having to rely on specialists.

If you don't have a Displayr license, you can sign up for a trial here.

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