Displayr for PowerPoint Reporting

Automate PowerPoint reporting

What if you could link a data source to its PowerPoint report – so when the data changes, your entire PowerPoint report updates automatically in just one click? How many hours will you save?

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Displayr For PowerPoint Reporting

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How quickly will your PowerPoint updating headache disappear?

The world has changed, it's time your tools do too.

If you’re feeling the pressure to deliver insights at record-breaking speeds for less but your team is already working at capacity, it may be time to address the elephant in the room. The business world has changed and today’s voracious appetite for insights demands a tool fit for the purpose. Sticking to your conventional and dated tools may mean risking missed opportunities, slower turnaround times and a dwindling customer base.

If you need your business to not just remain competitive, but thrive in this new landscape, it’s time to upgrade your toolbox to one built for the modern market research industry. Displayr’s the all-in-one analysis and reporting solution that will help you prevent time and cost blowouts, simplify your workflow, and deliver better insights. Fuel your business growth and gain a competitive edge with Displayr, the only tool designed for today's market researcher.

How Displayr makes PowerPoint Reporting faster and easier

Save time

Manually updating a PowerPoint reports means hours, days, or weeks of cutting and pasting between different software, tracing back pesky mistakes, and starting again when you find one. Displayr automatically creates a direct link between your source data, your analysis, and your PowerPoint reports. So you don’t need to spend hours cutting, pasting, and matching things up, because everything automatically updates when the data changes.

Automatically update everything

Updating your reports is now as easy as connecting your data to Displayr, doing your analysis and layout once, and then exporting it to PowerPoint. When new data comes in, re-export to the same PowerPoint, and you're done. Plus, existing PowerPoint reports can be retrospectively linked back to Displayr, so you never have to manually cut and paste data between tools again. Think of the time you'll save on tracking studies! 

Multi-country, multi-product, multi-anything PowerPoint reporting

Batch export to instantly create multiple reports for different products, regions, segments, or other subgroups.

Work in parallel with other teams

Don’t waste time waiting for one team to finish before the next can start. Your analysts can quickly "rough-in" a report using interim data, handing it to the PowerPoint team to format and finalize. Re-export and update the same PowerPoint report with the final data when it arrives.

Create a striking presentation

Displayr's got all the tools you need to create a striking presentation. Master slides for formatting. Any color you want. Layout things just like in PowerPoint. Lots of great visualizations.

How Displayr compares

Displayr MarketSight Dapresy
(Story Creator)
E-tabs PPTX Builder Tableau SPSS
Familiar PowerPoint style interface
Page layout available, multiple objects per page
WYSIWYG export to PowerPoint
Directly linked to raw data (more accurate, efficient)
Ability to modify, create new variables
Vast array of analysis tools, visualizations built in
Export editable PowerPoint charts and tables
Preserve changes made in PowerPoint, for linked items
Able to link back pre existing PowerPoints
Automatically update existing charts, tables, text boxes
Automate clones/multiple versions of same report
Can use own/client's document and chart templates

Linked PowerPoint reports instantly update when data changes, saving you hours, days, or weeks of painful manual work.


Trackers, syndicated reports, for specialist teams: Linked PowerPoint reports mean less cutting and pasting, which means less error.

Displayr App

Displayr is a general purpose app that does everything from text coding to analysis to dashboards to PowerPoint.


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  • Customized to your needs
  • Annual subscription, see pricing
  • Review & optimize your data file
  • See how to cut your analysis and reporting time in half
  • Customer support
  • Custom 3 hour new user training
  • Confirm that Displayr does everything you want it to
  • Quantity discounts
  • Regular check-ins


  • Customized to your needs
  • See how to cut your analysis and reporting time in half
  • Confirm that Displayr does everything you want it to


  • Annual subscription,   see pricing
  • Customer support
  • Quantity discounts


  • Review & optimize your data file
  • Custom 3 hour new user training
  • Regular check-ins
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