White labeling refers to presenting Displayr as a product to end users, without explicitly telling them that they are using Displayr. This post describes the various ways that this can be done.

You can white label view mode, but not edit mode

Displayr is used in two modes. When a document is authored, it's in edit mode. When a document is then shared with end users as a dashboard, it is in view mode. You can white label Displayr in view mode, but not in edit mode. We are sometimes asked to white label it in edit mode, but the challenge isn't technical, it's more one of practicality. In Edit mode, Displayr has an extremely large amount of functionality, and it is unlikely that any company will have the resources necessary to train and support users in edit mode.

Embedding in iFrames

Any Displayr document can be embedded in another web page using an iFrame. For example, the feature-packaged Burger Brand Tracking case study is shown below. When you embed a document this way, you can create the document so that it contains no reference to Displayr.

Single sign on

When a document is published as a web page (dashboard), you can set up logins and passwords for the users. If you have an enterprise account, you can also set up single sign on so that all the sign ons are managed via your software.

Automation via the API

Dashboards can be created, modified, and updated programmatically via our API. Click here for a worked example.

Customizing the CSS

Looking at the burger dashboard above, the document can be viewed as having three sections. There is the navigation menu on the left, the controls at the top (such as Search), and then the page itself. The page is designed in edit mode. The other two sections are customizable via CSS.


If you have an enterprise license, it's also possible to get a subdomain, so that the URL in view mode shows your company name. For example, while a document's URL may be https://app.displayr.com/Dashboard?id=8005620b-5699-4784-a28d-6da756afcd41#page=82f0e50d-04bf-4346-bbd5-a66d678aae8c, it would instead become, if your company name was AwesomeCo, https://app.awesomeco.displayr.com/Dashboard?id=8005620b-5699-4784-a28d-6da756afcd41#page=82f0e50d-04bf-4346-bbd5-a66d678aae8c