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Displayr is analysis software that transforms survey data into meaningful dashboards and interactive reports. The top market research companies and leading brands use Displayr for market research analysis and reporting.

Halve your analysis times

Displayr will halve your analysis and reporting times. It's the only drag and drop online tool designed to analyze, visualize, report, and share insights from survey data. It's easy to use, intuitive, and creates dynamic, interactive reports.
  • One app for everything
  • Basic analysis is so simple
  • Calculate anything!
  • Always be up to date
  • Total confidence reporting
  • Save time by repurposing
  • Collaborate in the cloud
  • Easy to get any data in and out

Why use Displayr?

It's software for all your market research analysis and reporting: From basic analysis to machine learning, tables to dashboards, data cleaning to PowerPoint automation, efficiency-hungry experts to simplicity-driven novices. Displayr will replace all your market research analysis and reporting tools and halve your analysis times. Here are eight reasons why: 

Basic analysis is so simple. There’s no need to write code or learn complicated processes. Drag and drop makes it easy for beginners to analyze surveys in half the time it takes experts in other statistics and BI tools.

Calculate anything! Easily calculate anything from differences between columns through to deep learning, driver analysis, conjoint, and MaxDiff.
Always be up-to-date. Change your input data, and all tables, charts, calculations, and entire reports will automatically update.
Total confidence reporting. With automated quality control, Displayr finds and alerts you to problems in your data – often before you’ve even noticed them.
Save time by repurposing. There’s no need to create new work from scratch, just duplicate and change any existing analysis, visualization, or dashboard.
Collaborate in the cloud. 10x your team’s productivity with many users working on the same project at the same time.
Easy to get data in and out. Import and export data with the click of a button. Import SPSS, Qualtrics, SQL, URL, Excel, and more. Export as webpages, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and embeds.

Market research analysis software: Answering the most asked questions

Who is a typical Displayr user?

 Displayr is used by Consumer insights teams, market researchers, and anyone that wants to analyse market research data.

How does it compare to other market research analysis tools?

 MarketSight, and Survey reporter tend to be used by market research consultants and the internal research departments of large companies. WinCross is a market research analysis tool that requires more programming knowledge so it is used by market research consultants (with specialist DP setting up the tables). SPSS Statistics requires a deeper understanding of statistics and syntax as it has less automation then Displayr, it is used by market research consultants, internal research departments, statisticians and ‘advanced quant’ teams. R is powerful yet very hard to use outside of tools like Displayr (which automate many R functions), so it is mainly used by statisticians and ‘advanced quant’ teams who understand the R language.
Displayr is a flexible tool that, compared to any of the tools outlined above, halves analysis times.

What are the key features of market research analysis software?

 Displayr is easy to learn and use for any type of analysis, visualization, and dashboard. It automates most manual work like updating trackers, statistical testing, data cleaning and formatting, creating crosstabs, calculating weights and filters, drop downs, choice modelling designs and calculators, dashboard creation.
MarketSight is easy to learn and easy to use for basic analysis. Doing advanced analysis requires a greater level of sophistication than with Displayr.
Survey Reporter is good for creating lots of crosstabs.
WinCross is a tool for creating crosstabs. It needs the user to have ‘programming’ knowledge, so is not very easy for anyone to use.
SPSS Statistics has many advanced features. But, it is difficult to learn and less efficient than the other market research analysis software . It requires the user to know how to write in syntax to automate many procedures.
R has more features than any of the other tools. It is not good for creating crosstabs and almost everything has to be done with ‘programming’.

What is the best software for market research analysis?


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