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Need help hooking up your data, building and beautifying dashboards, customizing visualizations, or transferring SPSS syntax? Our team of experts can help build you a custom solution (even if it involves multiple programming languages like R, Python, SQL and JavaScript)!

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Adding Data

If you need help hooking up APIs or SQL queries, fetching data at regular intervals or joining different data sources, then place your data in the capable hands of our team – we’ll sort it out for you.

Building beautiful dashboards and reports

We can help you go from raw data to dashboard. Have you got a vision for a dashboard but need somebody to turn it into reality? Our team can make it efficient, beautiful, and memorable.

Custom visualization, analysis, and tables

Do you have a special analysis that you need created? A dream for a bespoke visualization? A special way that you want your tables to look? We love doing things like this.

SPSS syntax transfer

Our team can recreate your existing SPSS syntaxes within Displayr, so you can update reports hassle free.

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Correspondence Analysis
The Magical Technique for Quickly Finding the Story in your Data
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