This post contains four videos, each of which illustrates the creation of a different dashboard in Displayr. The data files and images used in the dashboards are also provided as links under each video, with the goal being that you can teach yourself Displayr by creating these dashboards yourself.

Dashboard 1: Traveler's Concerns

Data file: Holiday Destinations and Attitudes.sav
Image file: Island.png

Dashboard 2: Campsite Performance

Data file: Camping Initial.sav
Image file: Campground_Background.png

Dashboard 3: Bubble Gum Reach Calculator

Data file: Bubble Gum Flavors.sav
Image file: BubbleGum-Girl.png

Dashboard 4: Burger Tracker

Initial data file: Restaurant Chains Oct 2017.sav
Data file with 3 more months of data: Restaurant Chains Dec 2017.sav
Title page background image file: Burger-Chef-Title-Page-Background.png
Title and content background image file: Burger-Chef-Title-and-Content-Background.png