Survey Data Dashboards with Displayr

There’s more demand than ever for researchers to be performing surveys – meaning that it is easier than ever to get buried under a mountain of survey data. Displayr will help you tell the story of your survey data using clear, beautiful, and interactive dashboards.

A Displayr survey data dashboard example

Survey data visualized

Surveys have been a tool of researchers since the equivalent of the dark ages. But it’s always been difficult to visualize survey data and present it in a compelling way. With survey data dashboards, you can easily visualize and share key insights whenever you want – to whoever you want – in a whole new way.

Why choose Displayr to create your survey data dashboards?

Displayr is the only complete analysis and dashboarding tool in the world, design specifically to automatically interpret and format survey data. Need to visualize multiple response questions or a grid? Displayr has you covered.

It's also simple enough to use so that everyone from the most advanced of analysts to relative newbies, can perform statistical analysis, uncover trends and unlock results without spending days wrangling SPSS or Excel and then PowerPoint. Just do it all in one tool.

Displayr is also interactive. Need to zoom in and out of geographical regions data? Want to filter your survey for segments, demographics, or countries? Automate reporting for different regions? Hide labels with hover text? Displayr can do that and a lot more.

Export your dashboard to PowerPoint or PDF with one click and get ready for some seriously impressed colleagues and clients.

A Displayr NPS dashboard example


Some of the survey data dashboards you can create in Displayr!

  • Brand Awareness and Health survey dashboards

A classic way of visualizing a survey of brand analysis on a market research dashboard is with a brand funnel. Brand funnels usually measure the awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, repeat purchase and loyalty of customers for that brand.

  • Product Innovation survey dashboards

Product innovation are great survey dashboards for insight into future product development, pricing decisions, and potential future markets. It normally measures three metrics: usage intention, purchase intention and willingness to pay.

  • Customer Satisfaction survey dashboards

This market research dashboard surveys already existing customers and asks them about their experiences with a particular brand. One of the most popular metrics here is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) that evaluates customer loyalty by asking how likely a customer would be to recommend the product or service to someone else on a scale of 0-10. Ultimately, customer satisfaction measures: the perceived quality of a product, the pricing, the design, and the customer service.

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