Toluna + Displayr
Go deeper into your data story, faster.

Transform your Toluna data into meaningful insights and impactful reports.

What is Toluna?

Toluna manages a global panel of over 72 million members, providing businesses with feedback from millions of consumers to understand market trends, consumer behaviors, and the changing landscape of customer preferences. Their platform is built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology and rich, diverse consumer panels. This ensures that clients receive not only vast quantities of data but also the nuanced insights necessary to drive strategic decisions.

Why Tonula + Displayr

Integrating Displayr with your Toluna data unlocks a new dimension of data analysis and insight communication. Displayr is an analysis and reporting tool that simplifies the complexity of data analysis and reporting. From simple crosstab analysis to more complex predictive models, to text categorization, dashboards, PowerPoint automation, and data-apps, Displayr will give you deep insights fast.

"Displayr has transformed the way we approach market research. The insights are deeper, and the reports are more engaging."
Senior Consumer Insights Analyst

Learn how to connect Toluna + Displayr

Seamless Toluna integration

Fast insights with Toluna data

In the world of market research, speed without sacrificing depth is crucial. Displayr and Toluna bring together the best of both worlds: rapid access to global consumer insights and the analytical power to make sense of them efficiently. Displayr's automation capabilities mean you can quickly move from data collection to insight generation, leveraging Toluna's diverse consumer panels for a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Automate everything

Automate everything

Displayr is designed to automate the tedious parts of the data analysis process, allowing you to concentrate on finding the story in your data. From importing and cleaning Toluna's detailed datasets to applying advanced analytics and sharing findings, Displayr streamlines your workflow. This all-in-one platform transforms the way you work with data, making every step from data collection to presentation faster and more efficient.

Fast, impressive reporting

Engaging data stories

Move beyond traditional reporting with Displayr's dynamic visualization and storytelling tools. Use Toluna's rich datasets to create reports that captivate and inform. Whether you're presenting to internal stakeholders or sharing insights with the world, Displayr makes it easy to turn data into stories that resonate. 

More analysis techniques

Embrace self-sufficiency

With Displayr's powerful features at your fingertips, there's no need to rely on external analysts for deep dives into your data. You have the control to explore Toluna's extensive consumer insights, with tools designed to simplify complex analysis. This self-sufficiency speeds up the research process and brings agility to your decision-making.

Notebook technology

Minimize errors, maximize quality

The combination of Displayr and Toluna not only accelerates your research but also enhances its reliability. By integrating analysis and reporting, Displayr minimizes the risk of errors and makes it easy to update findings as new data becomes available. This ensures that your insights are always accurate, relevant, and ready to drive action.

Effortless cloud-based collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration

Work collaboratively with your team in a single document. This means no more waiting for someone to finish or dividing up files. Now you can all work on the same document in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Displayr market place is here. If you want to discuss setting up API integration with your app, reach out to us here.

Yes! Displayr has more analysis technique and more flexible reporting. It also makes it easy for anyone to do their own work, without having to rely on specialists.

If you don't have a Displayr license, you can sign up for a trial here.

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