Displayr for market research

Unlock deeper insights 90% faster

Dive into Kantar's next chapter with Displayr, the ultimate all-in-one analysis and reporting platform.

  • Accelerate Revenue Growth
  • Prevent Time and Cost Blowouts
  • Deliver Better Insights

Displayr for changing times

Displayr for changing times

Kantar's new brand positioning service arrives at a pivotal point in our industry - one characterized by the rise of generative AI and shifting buyer dynamics. Clients now demand even more value, in less time, and this is precisely what Displayr was built to achieve. Displayr cuts operational costs and boosts revenue, simplifies analytical and reporting processes, and elevates productivity.

“Extremely useful software which is highly user-friendly with lots of training and support tools available.” Researcher, Kantar

Efficiency through automation

Boost efficiency through automation

Accelerate Kantar's delivery timelines by up to 99% with Displayr. Establish rapid and reliable workflows to deliver projects well ahead of time and within budget.

Displayr will embed automation into Kantar's research processes, diminishing most manual tasks, and freeing teams to focus on strategic thinking and client interaction.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was really just one click to update the entire report.” Dóra Török, dunnhumby

Client value & competitive edge

Building client value and a competitive edge

Uncover deeper consumer insights with Displayr, so you can add more value for your Kantar clients and foster enduring partnerships. Displayr’s interactive, cloud-based reporting makes insights more engaging and easier to grasp – helping you stand out in a competitive market.

“I love the software. It helps me get close to the data in an intuitive way and saves time dealing with client ad hoc requests.” Researcher, Kantar

Get the best of both worlds: lower software costs and better outputs

Lower software costs and quality assured

You can have the best of both worlds – lower costs and assure the highest of standards with Displayr’s all-in-one app. Survey data, analysis, visualizations, and reports are seamlessly connected in one place, replacing multiple tools. Collaborate with your team in one document, enjoy transparency with audit trails and dependency maps, and say farewell to versioning chaos.

"Our customers always want everything yesterday. We needed a tool to streamline and automate repetitive actions and to make us less dependent on software developers and support teams." Adrienn Molnár, DataExpert

Already trusted by GFK and NIQ teams

Trusted by teams at Kantar

Many of your colleagues at Kantar have already embraced Displayr and are experiencing the advantages of greater flexibility and advanced analysis capabilities. Join them today.

“An invaluable product in the field of market research, allowing easy, quick, and reliable data processing, with capabilities of more sophisticated and bespoke forms of analysis.” Researcher, Kantar

Secure cloud platform

Enjoy a secure cloud platform

At Displayr, safeguarding your data is at the core of what we do. We take data security seriously, and that's why organizations trust us with the most stringent privacy demands. Displayr is SOC 2 compliant, ensuring your data is protected to the highest standards. Your trust is our priority.

Displayr powers all the leading market researchers, including those at Kantar

Category Leader in Data Analysis
Category Leader in Data Analysis

2023, GetApp

Best Value Data Analysis
Best Value Data Analysis

2023, Capterra

Best Value | Data Analysis
Best Value | Data Analysis

2023, Capterra

Front Runners | Data Analysis 2023, Software Advice
Front Runners | Data Analysis

2023, Software Advice

Users Love Us 2023, G2 Crowd
Users Love Us

2023, G2 Crowd

High Performer | Summer
High Performer | Summer

2023, G2 Crowd

Report: Seven new ways to
increase market research revenue

Insights at speed for less cost

Current Processes

  • High labor costs and risk of error
  • Manual updates and redos for every change
  • Extensive back and forth communication with clients
  • Large data dump reports
  • Dependence on programmers and specialists
  • Taking turns editing a document
  • Lots of tools that don't work well together
  • Complicated software requiring specialist knowledge
  • Slow, prone to errors, inflexible, and static

With Displayr

  • Automation with minimal error
  • Instant updates when data changes
  • Clients self-serve with dashboards
  • Interactive dashboards
  • User-friendly, no code needed
  • Real-time cloud-based collaboration
  • One complete tool for everything
  • Intuitive design for all expertise levels
  • Efficient, precise, and seamlessly connected

19x faster

Update tracking studies

10x faster

Analysis and reporting

93% saved

Time on quality control

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