Seven new ways to increase market research revenue

Do you have clients demanding deeper insights at a lower cost and with faster turnaround times? Wanting more for less?

The appetite for consumer insights has grown voraciously while the pace in which insights must be delivered has only accelerated. With enormous demand comes a wealth of new opportunities that your market research company can tap into.

What you'll get from this whitepaper

This whitepaper contains seven new profit streams your company can exploit in this buzzing world of consumer insights.

  • Cloud reporting and dashboards
  • Move to an agile workflow
  • Develop agile products
  • Run interactive data workshops for your clients
  • Create more value by analyzing text
  • Use your expertise in new markets
  • Offer closed-loop feedback systems

More about this whitepaper

It’s no secret that clients are demanding more insights and results with quicker turnaround times for projects. But there are numerous ways to adapt and create new profit streams in the process.

Switching to an agile workflow, creating agile products, and moving to cloud reporting and interactive dashboarding are all ways to reduce time and cost inefficiencies while providing more value for your clients. Meanwhile, offering closed-loop feedback systems are a great way of improving customer experience analyses and are vital for keeping companies that are increasingly focused on CX, happy. Offering text data analysis and moving into new and emerging markets that are a natural fit for market researchers are also great ways of expanding your service offerings and exploring different pricing models.

The world of consumer insights is changing, and this change brings massive opportunities for you to adapt and grow your company.

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