Adding Significance Tests and Other Annotations to Visualizations
Host Data in a Country of Your Choice
Automatic Language Translation of Text Variables
Automatic Language Translation with Automatic Categorization
Principal Component Analysis of Text Data
Automatic Removal of Outliers from Regression and GLMs
Heatmap Shading on Tables and Charts
Creating Links in Displayr
Creating Templates for Displayr Documents
workflow solution in Displayr
How to implement a workflow solution in order to automatically update data in a Displayr dashboard
Customizing Footers in Displayr
How to Analyze your Displayr Usage
How to White Label Displayr
Efficient Coding of Spontaneous Awareness Data in Q and Displayr
Using Q to Customize Tables in Displayr
Automatically Sorting Tables and Charts in Displayr
Creating Dashboards with Real-Time Updating
Using Controls to Determine when to Show Outputs
You Can Now Run Shapley Regression in Displayr
Automatically Classify New Text Data Using an Existing Categorization
Using Random Assignment in Pricing Research Studies
Using Price Knowledge/Awareness for Pricing Research Studies
Using Price Sensitivity Meter in Pricing Research Studies
Using Stated Willingness-To-Pay in Pricing Research Studies
Using Price Salience for Pricing Research Studies
How to Use the Same Control on Multiple Pages
How to Customize the Sample Size Description Widget
Creating Quad Maps in Displayr
Using the Value Equivalence Line (VEL) with Conjoint Simulators
Computing Willingness-To-Pay (WTP) in Displayr
How to Audit Access to your Displayr Documents and Users
How to Create a Visualization Template in Displayr
Creating and Working with JavaScript Variables
How to Automatically Export Multiple Reports with Different Filters
Using Text Data for Driver Analysis
At Last, Machine Learning Can Accurately Categorize Text Data
Semi-Automatic Coding of Text Data: A Cutting-Edge Technique
How to Customize Tables You Can Format and Align at Will in Displayr
Automatic Coding of Unstructured Text Data
Choosing the Right Type of Manual Categorization for Text Analysis
Manually Coding Multiple Response Text Data in Displayr
Automatic List Categorization of Text Data with Displayr
Automatically Extract Entities and Sentiment from Text
Automatic Categorization of Unstructured Text Data
How To Add a Line to a Column Chart
Fully-integrated Text Analysis with Displayr
How to Calculate Sentiment Scores for Open-Ended Responses in Displayr
Creating R Variables from Multiple Input Variables Using Code
Customizing Colors Within a Series on a Bar, Column, or Pyramid Visualization
Creating and Customizing Banners in Displayr
Reordering Attribute Levels in Conjoint Analysis Models in Displayr
How to Analyze Dual-Response ‘None of These’ Conjoint Models in Displayr
Embedding Displayr Documents in Web Pages
How to Filter a Dashboard Based on User Logins
How to Band Numeric Variables in Displayr
How to link images to a visualization in Displayr
How to Dynamically Change a Question Based on a Control Box
Your Guide for Working with Excel Files in Displayr
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