Community contributions

The team at Displayr contributes to the wider community in a number of ways:
We create, manage, and use open source software. Our engineering and Data Science teams are also involved in many open source projects. We are also doing our bit to help build a more sustainable world by participating in a net zero carbon emissions program.

Featured Projects

Htmlwidget Visualizations

We’ve published a library of htmlwidgets visualizations, including rhtmlPictograph and rhtmlPalmTrees.


We are co-maintainers of Javascript.Net, an OpenSource wrapper that makes Google’s v8 JavaScript engine available in .Net applications.



We sponsor Cefsharp, which wraps Chromium for use in .Net applications.




We’ve built a library of R packages that makes it easy to do data analysis with a consistent handling of missing data, sampling weights and a more human readable API.


Other contributions

Displayr's engineers and data scientists have also made contributions and bug fixes to a variety of other open source projects, such as tidyverse/haven and plotly.js

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Environmental Sustainability

We’re passionate about protecting our planet and preserving natural resources for future generations. We set up a goal of net-zero carbon emissions in 2019 and have continuously achieved this goal ever since.

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