Displayr is the complete business intelligence tool designed for survey data

Interactive visualizations - Tell beautiful stores through interactive visualizations. As familiar as PowerPoint, yet as powerful as any BI tool
Client facing analytics - Empower your clients to go from question to insight instantly
Automatic updating - Always be up to date with live data feeds and auto-updating data
Real-time collaboration - simultaneously build reports & dashboards together
Combine Data Sources - easily blend and analyze multiple data sources

By combining the quick analytical power of Q and the easy visual story-telling of Displayr, you can paint the full picture with your data.

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Q and Displayr: a complete market research solution

Rapidly Analyze Surveys

Q makes survey analysis fast. Designed specifically for market research professionals, it does everything from crosstabs to conjoint and predictive analysis - it’s all there. Q will halve you analysis time by automating all your fiddly grunt work and making advanced analysis easy.

Interactive Visual Stories 

Import your Q analysis into Displayr to easily create beautiful, customizable interactive dashboards and reports. As easy as PowerPoint, as powerful as any BI tool. Combine multiple data sources, analyze survey data, give your clients data portals, automatic updating, and work collaboratively in real time.

As a Q user, it's even easier to start using Displayr

Step 2

Explore your data and layout your results

Step 3

Visualize your Insights

Step 4

Publish and Share

Try Displayr now with these easy interactive tutorials

Learn how to create a table, merge and rename categories, add a net, create a crosstab, and much more!

Bring your insights to life by using pictographs. In this tutorial we'll take you through how to easily make pictographs that tell a story.

In this tutorial we'll show you how to visualize your insights to find the story in your data.

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