Forsta integrations: Go deep into your data story, faster, with Forsta + Displayr.

Displayr and Forsta Integrations

Forsta (formerly Decipher and Confirmit) is a technology platform specializing in customer experience and consumer research. Widely used by Displayr customers and their data partners, it is a key tool for data collection and fundamental analysis. This collected data seamlessly integrates with Displayr, enabling researchers to perform more advanced analysis and create detailed reports.

This is why integrating Forsta with Displayr makes perfect sense. When researchers are under pressure to deliver high-quality insights but time frames are short, the Forsta and Displayr partnership has got you covered. Now you can benefit from more profound, more sophisticated analyses, flexible crosstabbing tools, rapid PowerPoint reporting, and automatic updates with new data.

Integrating Forsta Data

While you can export an SPSS (*.sav) file from Forsta and manually upload it into Displayr, there are substantial benefits in having the data integrated. Via a Forsta API token, you can connect your data to Displayr's vast analysis and reporting features and control how often your report and its underlying analysis are updated. Displayr automatically cleans and formats your Forsta data so everything is ready instantly. This means

  • Crosstabs and visualizations will be updated
  • All 'Rules' and conditions are updated
  • Table structures and formats are automated
  • Dashboard reports and infographics can be made available in real-time
  • Any PowerPoint reports created using the Forsta data can be automatically updated.

In addition, Displayr makes it easy to dive deeper into your analysis. Any analysis technique is now available to you, including regression, PCA, clustering, latent class analysis, machine learning, MaxDiff, conjoint, TURF, etc. There's no multivariate analysis you cannot perform in Displayr.

Is the Forsta integration free?

Forsta integration capabilities are only available with a paid plan or per event.   While the cost-benefit analysis might not stack up for every project, it's likely to be well worth it for ongoing, repetitive work like Tracking Research.

Forsta integration works with the Displayr free, Displayr trial, Displayr Professional, and Displayr Enterprise licenses. The Displayr free license is limited to a dataset with no more than 1000 rows and 100 columns of data.

Are there disadvantages to using Forsta?

We should state that being an industry standard for survey deployment and data collection, there are a lot of advantages to using Forsta.  The technology is tried and tested, and there is a large skill base globally.   The data is readily exportable to SPSS and reads well when loaded into most analysis software packages.   Forsta also provides a range of basic analysis, reporting, and dashboarding products that support Forsta data integration.

However, professional market researchers and consumer insights teams often require more data manipulation, analysis, and reporting functionality than the Forsta suite has. This is why Forsta and Displayr integration provides all the tools professional researchers need. Professionals are sometimes limited by the Forsta suite of products in these ways:

  1. Limited data editing and manipulation capabilities.  Researchers need to seamlessly duplicate, transform, and recalculate variables as they work up their analysis.  Displayr makes this easy.
  2. Limited/rigid crosstabs features. Researchers often need to churn out and quickly sort through hundreds of crosstabs. They also need flexibility in merging columns, fusing different tables and questions, creating custom calculations within or across tables, and setting tables up to meet individual specifications.
  3. Limited PowerPoint reporting functionality. Most researchers report in PowerPoint and require software to connect their data to their PowerPoint reports so they can be automatically updated with new data or when the data changes.
  4. Limited advanced analysis techniques and ability to work in code. Researchers need to use a wide range of statistical analysis techniques for different types of data. They also occasionally prefer the flexibility of using R code for calculations or dashboards.

Setting up Forsta Integration

The following video shows how to connect your Forsta data easily:


You can also find more information here: How to Import Forsta Data in Displayr

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