Six things market researchers should DIY rather than outsource

Outsourcing used to be a necessary evil within the market research industry. Certain tasks were simply too time consuming or difficult to achieve within the constraints of tight project turnaround times and deadlines. But the reality is that modern software has made it easier (and faster) to accomplish everything from data cleaning to driver analysis.

What you'll get from this whitepaper

This whitepaper covers the six things that market researchers should now DIY instead of outsourcing.

  • Tables and crosstabs
  • Data cleaning and processing
  • Text categorization/coding
  • Segmentation
  • Driver analysis
  • Dashboards

More about this whitepaper

Once upon a time, outsourcing was an unfortunate and irritating necessity in the market research industry. Too many tasks were either ridiculously time-consuming or needlessly complicated. Modern analysis tools, designed specifically for market researchers, have managed to eliminate much of what made these processes such a headache.

In doing so, they’ve also made it possible for market researchers to DIY everything from crosstabs to segmentation. If you want greater flexibility, control and a better end-product, consider DIYing rather than outsourcing today.

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