Six reasons your market research quality control is failing and how to fix it today

We all need to deliver more value in shorter time spans.One of the best ways to achieve this is to automate core functions, making it easy to turn projects around faster and more accurately.

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Here are six standard quality control measures that your company can kick to the curb today – without sacrificing standards.

  • Unnecessary manual documentation
  • A disconnected tech stack
  • Versioning of files
  • Untraceable errors
  • Manual updating of analyses and reports
  • Redoing work

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Market researchers know the importance of quality control. That’s why considerable time and effort is expended in ensuring that analyses and reports are delivered to clients to the utmost standard. However, it’s no secret that the processes behind market research quality control are often laborious, overly reliant on human intervention and error-prone.

Modern software can transform these processes by consolidating all the work in a single analyses and reporting platform, doing away with the need for versioning files, making it easier to trace errors, and eliminating much of the manual work involved in documenting and updating analyses. Automating these quality control measures ensures you save innumerable hours, can redirect attention elsewhere and turn around projects faster - without sacrificing any quality.

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