Market researcher, Julia O’Brien uses Displayr to find the key insights in brand studies.

Julia’s Story

Julia’s decade in the market research industry has seen her start her career working in operations for panel and data processing companies to pivoting to the research and analytics space. You might call her a talented all-rounder! Now as Fifth Dimension Research and Consulting's resident Displayr expert, Julia takes pride in working with clients to build elegant, engaging, and above all, efficient analyses & reports.


“The thing about research that has kept me engaged for over 10 years is the idea that we can get this information from people and turn it into something that can make a change. Plus, I'm curious, so I like to know all the results first!”


A Displayr devotee

It’s been a while since Julia’s had to run tables to spec and print them off to check before delivering them to the client - a testament to her experience in the market research world! Nowadays, Julia’s moved onto a different challenge: puzzling out the best way to efficiently discover and share gems of insight in large tracking datasets. To take on this challenge, her software of choice is Displayr.

How Julia uses Displayr

The process and time involved in tracking studies used to look radically different. For Julia, this meant setting up hundreds (if not thousands!) of Excel tables, often showing the same table with different filters. The sheer volume of tables made this a daunting monthly task! Now Displayr streamlines everything from checking and producing tables to creating interactive reports and dashboards – saving Julia up to 5 hours a week on each project.

“There’s a lot more freedom in how you can deliver results with Displayr and I like that.”


Taking control

Julia relishes how Displayr affords both herself and her clients more control. Especially pleasing from a client standpoint is the ability to have personal logins for everyone to access only the data that is relevant to them. For Julia, having more control over how the data is presented means that she can tailor it specifically to each client’s needs and wants. Meanwhile, the ability to set up charts in Displayr and export them to PowerPoint offers more flexibility in sharing insights. Even small additions like being able to use icons in bar charts make for big differences in how engaging a report is!

Online is the future

For Julia, online analysis, dashboards and reporting represents the future of market research. The sheer convenience of having multiple people working on the same file that is accessible anywhere is a game changer. The biggest advantage though? Clients and researchers will have a lot more control over the way things are communicated, meaning that they can spend less time shifting through tables and more time focusing on the insights that matter the most.

“I’m proud of what I’ve managed to create in Displayr and it’s helping make the data we’re delivering a lot more engaging.”


See how Julia keeps delivering engaging insights with Displayr here.


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