Why Choose Displayr for your Survey Report Software?

We know how stressful it can be to analyze and report on survey data, especially when you are using inefficient reporting software. Or when you have short lead times. Or when you have your stakeholders, clients, or competitors breathing down your neck. We know how it feels to wonder if you can get your analysis and reporting done on time. That's why we created Displayr. A survey analysis and reporting tool that will halve analysis and reporting times. Grab a demo to see how.

Most people try to speed up survey reporting by getting different teams to do different things. For example, one team to do the basic analysis, another to do the advanced, and another to design the report. But when you piece all together, it falls apart, right?
Not anymore! Displayr is all-in-one survey analysis and reporting software. It’s truly collaborative, meaning that all your team can simultaneously work in the same project at the same time.
Displayr is both analysis and survey report software, leading to incredible efficiencies. For example, Displayr will:
  • Automate your grunt work;
  • Make it easy for anyone to do advanced analysis with smart systems;
  • Help you to create beautiful interactive survey reports and dashboards;
  • Export your interactive survey reports as webpages or PowerPoint presentations.

Survey report software for visualizing and sharing insights

Displayr is software for all stages of the analysis reporting process. Analyze, visualize, report with PowerPoint and online dashboards.
The visualization library makes it easy for your audience to grasp the meaning in your survey data. While you can get your story right by storyboarding your visualizations.
Organize your data and analysis into reporting themes on PowerPoint-like pages. Use drag, drop to set page master themes and colors.
Report with interactive visualizations, infographics, and charts designed for reporting survey data.
Tell more engaging stories with beautiful dashboards, PowerPoint Point presentations, and online reports.

Displayr automates your grunt work

 With software built around smart systems and automation, Displayr can help you rapidly extract insight from any data, including survey and text.
It automatically updates survey reports with new data.
All analysis and survey reports that you create are reusable. Simply replace your data set, and your tables, advanced analysis, and all your reporting updates instantly.
You can automatically create and sift through all crosstabs, leaving you with the interesting ones.

Easily do any type of analysis

Displayr makes it easy to analyze and report on survey data from any type of research. This includes brand research, Quad maps, Market maps, Text analysis, new product development, TURF, MaxDiff, Conjoint, and more.
So get started and create engaging, informative, interactive dashboards and survey data reports. Book a demo today.

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