trump word cloud
How to Show Sentiment in Word Clouds
Squeezing time
Easily Converting Strings to Times and Dates in R with flipTime
Checking Convergence When Using Hierarchical Bayes for MaxDiff
Using Q
Using Hierarchical Bayes for MaxDiff in Q
Using Displayr
Using Hierarchical Bayes for MaxDiff in Displayr
How to Export LDA Functions from Q into Excel
Using Displayr
Allowing Users to Filter Pages in Dashboards
Exporting LDA Functions from Displayr into Excel
Using Displayr
Filtering a Subset of Tables and Visualizations on a Page in Displayr
Survey data dashboard
Case Study: Analyzing Survey Data
Using Displayr
A Short Course for Learning Displayr
Using Displayr
Case Study: Updating Reporting
Great looking dashboard
Case Study: Visualizations
Using Displayr
Case Study: Advanced Analysis of Experimental Data (MaxDiff)
Using Displayr
Case Study: Automatically Updating Interactive Time Series Dashboard
Using Displayr
Charts versus Visualizations versus Plots: Which to Use When
Simple dashboard
Case Study: Creating a Simple Dashboard
Using Q
Using R to Extract Information From an Object in Q
Using Displayr
Using R to Extract Information From an Object in Displayr
heated density plot
Using Heatmap Coloring on a Density Plot Using R to Visualize Distributions
Using Displayr
Customizing Logos, Icons, CSS, HTML Headers, and Language in Displayr
Using Displayr
How to Format Numbers, Dates, and Time Using D3 HTMLWidgets in R
Using Displayr
Automatically Append New Data to a Dataset Using Displayr
Picture of military jet
How to Build a Geographic Dashboard with Real-Time Data
NPS column chart with sparklines
Using Sparklines to Show Trends in Bar and Column Charts
The Psychology of Small Multiples
Comparing Tricked Logit and Rank-Ordered Logit with Ties for MaxDiff
simple dashboard
How to Create a Simple Dashboard in Displayr
Using Displayr
How to run Linear Discriminant Analysis in Displayr
Image of dirty laundry in a basket
Automatic Data Checking: Let Your Analytics Package Do Your Dirty Laundry for You
linear discriminant analysis example
Linear Discriminant Analysis in R: An Introduction
Supermarket Dashboard example graphically designed
Dashboard Design: Working with a Graphic Designer
Machine Learning: Using t-SNE to Understand Middle Eastern Politics
Dashboard Design: 8 Types of Online Dashboards
shepard diagram
Goodness of Fit in MDS and t-SNE with Shepard Diagrams
Interactive infographic
How to Create an Interactive Infographic
Using Displayr
Displayr Dashboard Showcase
Visualization to Show a Single Number
12 Visualizations to Show a Single Number
Redundant elements on a chart
Improve the Quality of Data Visualizations Using Redundancy
7 Alternatives to Word Clouds for Visualizing Long Lists of Data
Chart templates using R
Create Chart Templates Using R Functions
Using Displayr
Automatically Update Dashboards in Displayr
automate emails using R
Automatically Write and Email Reports with R, SendGrid, & Displayr
Leaf categories
How t-SNE works and Dimensionality Reduction
Using Scatterplots to Chart Trends in Displayr
Adding Logos to Scatter Plots in Displayr
Great looking dashboard
Create and Update PowerPoint Reports using R
Complex data visualization example
Layered Data Visualizations Using R, Plotly, and Displayr
Picture of a sea of blu-ray discs
Analyzing Google Trends Data in Displayr
Picture of a sea of blu-ray discs
Analyzing Google Trends Data in R
Using Displayr
Adding a Combo Box to a Displayr Dashboard
Choice Simulator
How to Create an Online Choice Simulator by Hand
Adding Supplementary Points to a Correspondence Analysis
Moonplot to show brand mapping from a correspondence analysis
Moonplots: A Better Visualization for Brand Maps
Scaled world map showing longitude and latitude
Normalization and Scaling in Correspondence Analysis
correspondence analysis example
Understanding the Math of Correspondence Analysis
11 Tips for your own MaxDiff Analysis
singular value decomposition
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Tutorial Using Examples in R
8 Tips for Interpreting R-Squared
experimental design
How to Check an Experimental Design (MaxDiff, Choice Modeling)