Correspondence Analysis for brand switching
Correspondence Analysis of Square Tables
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Automatically Fitting the Support Vector Machine Cost Parameter
Put PowerPoint into Cruise Control: How to Automatically Update Your Reports
Using Displayr
Customization of Bubble Charts for Correspondence Analysis in Displayr
correspondence analysis
Using Bubble Charts to Show Significant Relationships and Residuals in Correspondence Analysis
Trump delivers an address
Why Capability Trumps Character for Supporters of the US President
Machine learning pruning
Machine Learning: Pruning Decision Trees
Comparing Partial Least Squares to Johnson’s Relative Weights
Partial Least Squares can be used find drivers of consumer preference
Using Partial Least Squares to Conduct Relative Importance Analysis in R
key driver analysis
The Problem with Using Multiple Linear Regression for Key Driver Analysis: a Case Study of the Cola Market
Using Displayr
Using Partial Least Squares to Conduct Relative Importance Analysis in Displayr
statistical significance trick
The Magic Trick that Highlights Interesting Results on Any Table
How to Link Documents in Displayr
Gradient boosting
Gradient Boosting Explained – The Coolest Kid on The Machine Learning Block
Using Support Vector Machines
Using Support Vector Machines in Displayr
Latent class analysis cross-validation
Using Cross-Validation to Measure MaxDiff Performance
Using Displayr
How to Analyze MaxDiff Data in Displayr
How MaxDiff Analysis Works (Simplish, but Not for Dummies)
When to Use, and Not Use, Correspondence Analysis
Correspondence Analysis Versus Multiple Correspondence Analysis: Which to Use and When?
How Correspondence Analysis Works (A Simple Explanation)
How to Interpret Correspondence Analysis Plots (It Probably Isn’t the Way You Think)
correspondence analysis
Easily Add Images to a Correspondence Analysis Map in Displayr
Using Displayr
How to Create a MaxDiff Experimental Design in Displayr
correspondence analysis
Easily Add Images to a Correspondence Analysis Plot in R
max-diff question
An Introduction to MaxDiff
5 Ways to Deal with Missing Data in Cluster Analysis
Where Pictographs Beat Bar Charts: Proportional Data
Where Pictographs Beat Bar Charts: Count Data
Where Pictographs Beat Bar Charts: Count Data
Ranking Plot: Main Cause of Death by Age
Ranking Plots: Illustrating Data with Different Magnitudes
Using Displayr
Creating tables with multiple variables (filters and multiway tables)
5 Ways to Visualize Relative Importance Scores from Key Driver Analysis
Labeled Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts in R
When to Use Relative Weights Over Shapley
Chart comparing Shapley with Relative Weights
The Difference Between Shapley Regression and Relative Weights
heatmap illusion
Too Hot to Handle? The Problem with Heatmaps
The Secret of “Chartjunk”: Why Misleading Visualizations Aren’t Always Bad
The NPS Recoding Trick: The Smart Way to Compute the Net Promoter Score
Using Displayr
Assigning Respondents to Clusters/Segments in New Data Files in Displayr
Custom sankey diagrams
Creating Custom Sankey Diagrams Using R
Sankey diagram for analyzing survey routings, skips, filters, and response patterns
Visualizing Response Patterns and Survey Flow With Sankey Diagrams
Making Your Data Hot: Heatmaps for the Display of Large Tables
It Is Not the Size That Counts: Small Visualizations Are Preferable to Large Visualizations
pie for pi day
A Pie Chart for Pi Day: The Data Scientist Pie Eating Challenge
sankey tree
Decision Tree Visualizations using Sankey Diagrams or Charts
Why Pie Charts Are Better Than Bar Charts
Text Analysis: Predicting Engagement from Tweets
Term document matrix
Text Analysis: Hooking up Your Term Document Matrix to Custom R Code
Sentiment analysis word cloud
How to Set up Your Text Analysis in Displayr
Using Text Analytics to Tidy a Word Cloud
The Best Tool for Creating a Word Cloud
trump sentiment word cloud
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Example
Interactive visualization in R
How to Add an Interactive R Visualization to a Blog in Under 30 Seconds
Engaging Visualization
The 5 Second Rule and the Need to Create Instantly Recognizable Visualizations
2 Rules for Coloring Heatmaps so That Nobody Gets Burnt
Correspondence Analysis
Using Correspondence Analysis to Find Patterns in Tables
An Overview of Displayr for Excel Users
10 ways to create variables in Displayr
10 Ways to Create New Variables in Displayr
Palm tree plot for visualizing multivariate data
Using Palm Trees to Visualize Performance Across Multiple Dimensions (Egypt’s Scary Palm Tree)
Data Science Dashboard
Introducing Displayr: The Data Science and Reporting App for Everyone