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Creator (Geographic Map)
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Geographic map data visualizations are a fantastic way to show comparative values across countries, states, or regions. The geographic map shades the color of each location on the map in proportion to its corresponding data values. Common data values include population density or per-capita income. This type of data visualization is also sometimes known as choropleth maps or thematic maps. Not only are geographic maps one of the most beautiful examples of data visualizations, they also pack in a huge amount of data. Geographic maps are important because they provide context for your data values. It offers a greater ability to understand the geospatial distribution of your values and the ability to compare across several locations at a glance. It’s easy to create geographic maps for the globe, countries and states with Displayr’s geographic map maker.

Displayr offers two different ways of creating geographic maps - using Leaflet or Plotly. Another advantage of geographic maps is that they offer a lot creativity. With Displayr’s geographic map generator, you can choose what colors you want to use to represent your values or pick from one of Displayr’s inbuilt color palettes. You can choose how you want to filter your information. For example, you may want to create a world-wide data visualization and then filter or zoom in to show specific countries or regions. You can use teh geographic map maker to create small multiples of the map. Using Displayr’s geographic map maker you can also create an interactive visualization, allowing your audience to explore the data on their own terms at their own pace. Create a stunning standalone data visualization or incorporate your geographic map into an infographic. The choice is yours.

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Don’t limit yourself to just geographic maps though! There is a whole world out there of awesome ways to visualize your data. Whether it’s pie charts (another classic!) or Sankey diagrams or the always cool scatterplots, Displayr can help you transform your data into whatever story you want to tell! And just like the geographic maps, you can customize colors, sizes and fonts and have a play with Displayr’s cool features. Even better, combine different visualizations to create a truly impressive infographic or presentation. What are you waiting for?

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