Case Study - Choice Based Market Insights

How Displayr helped Choice Based Market Insights pinpoint insights in record time

“I'll never forget this MaxDiff project in which I had budgeted a whole day to run the analysis. I was done in an hour and a half, so I called up my kids and asked if they wanted to go for a bike ride together. It allowed me to get some normalcy back into my life!”

Miklos Kremser
Founder of Choice Based Market Insights


time saved on analysis and reporting


Choice Based Market Insights specializes in advanced market research techniques such as discrete choice models and MaxDiff, product optimization, cost-benefit analysis, and pricing strategy.

  • Having to juggle multiple tools and software to perform different analysis and reporting jobs
  • Lengthy and tedious manual workflow processes for re-running segments and analyses
  • Not having enough time to dive deep into the data
  • An all-in-one statistical package built for survey data with presentation and dashboarding tools
  • Interactive, live dashboards to share with their clients
  • Reduced analysis time by more than 50%
  • Streamlined workflow from using three tools to just one
  • Added value for clients with more detailed analyses and presentations

Convoluted and unwieldy workflow involving manual labor with 3 different tools to run analyses

As the Principal of Choice Based Market Insights, Miklos Kremser knows how vital quality research with fast turn arounds are. However, he’s no stranger to the time-consuming manual analysis process that has often thrown up obstacles to achieving these tight turn-around times. He used to chalk up having to manually run last-minute analysis repeatedly by different segments before a client presentation or meeting as just “how market research is”.

"I remember being in a cab on the LA 405 Freeway heading to client presentation with Universal Studios. My partner is on the laptop next to me, and I'm on the phone with a colleague back at our office – rerunning the analysis. Thank god for typical LA traffic!"

Having to use 3 different tools to complete a project also seemed standard for market research. As Miklos explains, the typical workflow consisted of running the analysis in SPSS, exporting it to Excel, using Excel to create charts, and then copying those charts to PowerPoint. Talk about convoluted!


Easy-to-use reporting software built for survey data that offers striking visuals, dashboards, and PowerPoint automation

By having point and click options for different analyses, Displayr has helped Miklos drastically reduce the amount of manual work involved in running analyses. He recalls one project when the clients wanted to see preference share by different sub-segments at the last minute. Instead of spending hours rerunning analyses multiple times by various sub-segments, he did it in Displayr in a single click - 30 seconds.


50% less time spent on data analysis, reporting and presentations, and added value for their clients

Since discovering Displayr, Miklos has managed to reduce his analysis time by more than 50% and prevent a few major headaches along the way. Not only does it now take only 30 secs to re-run an analysis and look at the different sub-segments, Displayr has transformed his research process by allowing him to do analysis, reporting and presentation all in one tool.

Displayr’s dashboarding tools has meant that he can now share results with clients as interactive reports that connects to their source data. No more manually having to update and re-run all the analysis when the source data changes and clients are now able to filter and find the key information they need themselves. Now that’s a real gamechanger!

Fortunately, this also means that now Miklos and his team have the luxury of additional time to take on more clients. They can also add far more value for their clients, now being able to spend more time digging deeper into insights, looking at the data and results from many more angles, and editing the finer details. Not to mention the joy of having time for a more critical eye and polishing a presentation to perfection for his clients.

Now, I can focus all my time on the results. As a market researcher, our value is in the results you're able to pull… results that will determine a decision this multi-million dollar company is going to make.

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