Goodbye DataCracker, hello Displayr

The team that brought you DataCracker has built a new app called Displayr.
Displayr now replaces DataCracker.

DataCracker users will benefit from this change. Like DataCracker, Displayr is an online analysis and reporting tool. It works in a similar way so you will be familiar with it. But you can now discover even better stories in your data, even faster. Check it out…

Do more advanced stats 

Displayr has more machine learning & statistical techniques, automated so anyone can use them without years of training (use R code if you want)

Share better stories 

New visualizations designed just for online reporting. So your stories will effortlessly tell themselves (and your reports will look sexy too)

Discover more

Analyze multiple data files in one report from any source + auto-update reports with new data

Better collaboration

Work together or apart. Set different levels of access for dashboard viewers


Here’s what you need to do

Nothing. Next time you log in, you will be automatically redirected from to  Your existing projects will be preserved, and your current login and password will continue to operate.

Displayr does have a different pricing structure to DataCracker but this will change and we intend to launch a free version soon.

About Tim Bock

Tim Bock is the founder of Displayr. Tim is a data scientist, who has consulted, published academic papers, and won awards, for problems/techniques as diverse as neural networks, mixture models, data fusion, market segmentation, IPO pricing, small sample research, and data visualization. He has conducted data science projects for numerous companies, including Pfizer, Coca Cola, ACNielsen, KFC, Weight Watchers, Unilever, and Nestle. He is also the founder of Q, a data science product designed for survey research, which is used by all the world’s seven largest market research consultancies. He studied econometrics, maths, and marketing, and has a University Medal and PhD from the University of New South Wales (Australia’s leading research university), where he was an adjunct member of staff for 15 years.

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