The team that brought you DataCracker has built a new app called Displayr.
Displayr now replaces DataCracker.

Click here to continue to Displayr.

If you're an existing DataCracker user:

You don't need to do anything. Next time you log in, you will be automatically redirected from to  Your existing projects will be preserved, and your current login and password will continue to operate.

Displayr does have a different pricing structure to DataCracker, but this will change, and we are launching a free version very soon.

Do more advanced stats 

Displayr has more machine learning & statistical techniques, automated so anyone can use them without years of training (use R code if you want)

Share better stories 

New visualizations designed just for online reporting. So your stories will effortlessly tell themselves (and your reports will look sexy too)

Discover more

Analyze multiple data files in one report from any source + auto-update reports with new data

Better collaboration

Work together or apart. Set different levels of access for dashboard viewers